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Jay asked 3 weeks ago

Is there a meet-up in the Vancouver/Seattle area?

Robinthepitt replied 3 weeks ago

I live about 35min outside of Vancouver, I do not think there is but I would be interested.

enigma365 replied 3 weeks ago

Both myself and my BF live in Vancouver.

Robinthepitt replied 3 weeks ago

Cool, I hope there are more listeners in the area that answer the post as I think a listener meet up would be fun.

Jay replied 3 weeks ago

I live in East Vanc and would like to meet other “cult” members in my area. Is there a night of the week that would be best and any suggestions on where?

Robinthepitt replied 3 weeks ago

Weekends work better as I work M-F, I do not get into Van much so not sure about a place but I am in.

Pamela in WA replied 3 weeks ago

I live on the WA coast, west of Olympia. I would LOVE to have a meetup in the PNW!

Robinthepitt replied 1 week ago

Hey! I am still in, lets pick a date, a place and make Derek work for his $9.38 CND promoting this shit.

Mike replied 3 days ago

I’m down in Portland, so would be interested as well….

enigma365 replied 2 days ago

Mike and Pamela, would you come to Vancouver(BC)? Sounds like it has to be a weekend so how about Sat June 10th or June 17th?

DNRShow Staff replied 2 days ago

Are we getting close to a final date here?

Mike replied 2 days ago

I’m on the east coast in Va on the 10th and the 17th can’t commit to yet, I’m working on capitol projects here at work that might take that date. The fiscal year ends on June 30th so…. I’ll have a better idea hopefully by the end of the week. I do enjoy Vancouver though and is a great ride up.

Robinthepitt replied 1 day ago

I guess we should say what Vancouver we are from since there are two, B.C. for me. June 10th I am out of town but other then that……..

1 Answers
DNRShow Staff answered 2 weeks ago

Nothing has been scheduled yet but if you pick a date and location, we will promote it for you on the show!