DNR Discussion ForumCategory: DNR Showwhy-is-derek-such-a-dick
Romaine Patterson Staff asked 3 months ago

He\’s not really. I just like busting his balls. -Romaine

JockmanJeff replied 3 months ago

Am I missing something here? Is DICK a bad thing?

Alex_T replied 3 months ago

Time shifting – I am guessing its time for the cult to chip in for a minifridge?

Ric replied 3 months ago

Because if he wasn’t …. “I” would not tune in … “I” am learning how not to be a dick.
1. I don’t leave my shopping cart in the parking lot.
2. I don’t litter in NYC.
3. I don’t ask Derek any questions, ever again. “I” Google it bitch.
4 etc … etc

James the Serious replied 1 month ago

Perhaps Derek is a Dick in response to his two main goals in life: to be Rich; to be Hard.

4 Answers
DNRShow Staff answered 3 months ago

Because his co-host is such a blunt!

Dan Grell replied 3 months ago

Isn’t that what people WAY over 28 call a joint?! LOL

Daniel answered 3 months ago

Derek is awesome, when he is ON he is hilarious.

Cindy Simpson answered 3 months ago

As a Gold Star Lesbian, Derek is the only “dick” I like.
(Except for my dad, whose name is Dick.)

Ben in SFO answered 3 months ago

because someone pissed in his pot pie.