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The Focus Group recommends ending the 8-hour work day for creative professions. Listen, laugh, and learn this week with Tim and John as they address company boycotts based on celebrity, procrastination, gender neutral public announcements, and the lady things of Jimmy Choo. Robbie Rogers retires and Walmart gets dinged on the HRC Corporate Equality Index for 2018. In Shop Talk, the 8-hour work day is explored and while necessary in some professions, it is outdated for creative types. As John said, "I never came up with a great ad campaign sitting behind a desk!" By focusing on putting in the hours at work, rather than putting in the quality of work, we run the risk stifling creativity and imagination. We're all business. Except when we're not.

DNR twins, Susie picks up bad habits from the show, JD calls in to defend himself, sex at work ensnares an Ohio legislator, Tony in Vegas is having a meet up, Romaine gets a thoughtful gift, people stream shows in public toilets, Derek updates his passport, new styles in the DNR shop, how big is Romaine's hole, Romaine becomes a responsible adult, Titanic is back in theaters for the 20th anniversary, Starbucks has a gay problem with the new red cup, Ron Jeremy is also accused, Aftermath continues to roll out the drama, Navy pilot sky writes a penis in the air, Tesla wants to make an automated semi truck, Ryan in CT checks in, Kathy Griffin comes for Andy Cohen again, Romaine is engaged, scientist performs head transplant, and Last Call ends the show.

Derek is excited about the Jeopardy Tournament of Champions, Romaine is curious about a professional lesbian, Charles Manson might be about to die, DiVinci painting sells for $450 million, Katie gives a mattress update, a surprise gay face pops by, DNR elfster gift exchange update, Al Franken latest to be accused of sexual harassment and Sly Stallone also in trouble, doughy bodies, Melissa Etheridge legal trouble update, Season of Giving, Taylor Swift is a best seller, DNR refuse to watch This Is Us, Romaine is mad about Survivor and Aftermath, cheap beer, and Encore reunites high school musical casts.

Fan Favorite! Blake Shelton is the Sexiest Man Alive, Romaine refused to cross a free throw line, a new Starbucks has arrived, Derek has a baby meal, No Nut November disturbs Romaine, sex at someone else's house, Katie buys a mattress, guest Justin Loeber talks about his new book Get Out Of Your Own Way, Diana Ross loses a fanny pack at Marshall's, Australia is getting marriage equality, Season of Giving is going on, and Meghan Markle is likely to be leaving Suits after this current season.

Seasonal Affective Disorder impacts DNR, Romaine is back from the parent teacher conference, Derek gets some listener feedback, MTA updates the subway by gender, Stove Top makes some stretchy pants for Thanksgiving, DNR get lazy, Romaine takes a shine to drinking which might lead to cancer, Will is back on Days Of Our Lives, Romaine is into Jane The Virgin, Grant Gustin got hot on the Flash and Katee Sackoff is playing a villain this season, Tyler has an awkward encounter in a bar, Romaine gets an awesome gift, WTF Florida might have a serial killer on the loose in Tampa, sexual allegations are cleaning houses all over, sex probably won't hurt your heart, FDA approves a digital pill, Season of Giving is happening now, and the Spice Girls are recording a new album.

Romaine is live from home today for a parent teacher conference, 6/9 Club got spicy on Friday night, DNR kept busy over a cold weekend, more great escapes, Gal Gadot takes a stand against Brett Ratner, Hannity fans are smashing Keurig machines, Season of Giving shameless plug, listener meet up this Thursday in Kansas City, Liz Smith is dead at 94 RIP, Romaine is a VIP, scientist proves ESP is real, and George Takei is also accused.

On today's episode of ASS we welcome back Guest Co-host Ryan Frostig, we talked about Kevin Israel's engagement to girlfriend Ashley, We get real on several hot topics: Sexual misconduct of Famous prevs, how Danica Roem was Elected to VA Assembly, Porn Star is a murderer, Harvard offering Anal sex 101 during annual Sex Week, and Alabama cousins arrested for fucking each other during a funeral. Then we have actor comedian Rick Crom and Dustin Sussman come to the studio.

Tim and John get their hands on two new, yet to be released, Oreo cookie flavors that will make their debut in 2018! Thank you to listener Chris and Mondelez for giving us the inside scoop. Former Speaker of the House, John Boehner letting down his guard caught John’s eye, Tim recommends skipping a safari for the zoo, and Steve Jobs schools us on how to respond to insults. It’s an embarrassment of riches for our Business Birthdays with three this week! You probably know one as a household name, but how about the other two? Happy Birthday to Milton Bradley, Tom Anderson, and Whip Jones.

A time shifter drops by Studio A, Romaine makes listeners uncomfortable, Jeremiah is DFA, a case of moonshine is delivered, Louis C.K. apologizes, sec rehab is a joke, Roy Moore is disgusting, Chase Johnsey from Les Ballets Trocadero de Monte Carlo stops by Studio A to talk about the new documentary Rebels on Pointe and touring the world, Derek finishes Mindhunter on Netflix, who DNR follow in social media, Chip Gaines shaves his head, Ellen Page was outed on set, Obama shows up for jury duty and Eisenhower is still a General, and Last Call ends the week.

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