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On today's ASS we have Co-Star Scott Lowell Joins us in studio, we talk about his move to NYC, Pervnado Update, Comedian Bob Smith dies, Squealing Tennis Player mocked by crowd at Aussie open, Gay Olympian Adam Rippon blasts Mike Pence, Guest super star Bianca Del Rio calls to the show talks about "Hurricane Bianca 2", We play ASS me no questions. Adam Sank, ASS, Scott Lowell, Bianca Del Rio, Tennis Player, Mocking Crowd, Adam Rippon, Mike Pence, Bob Smith, ASS Me No questions, Hurricane Bianca 2, Gay radio, Podcast, 2017 lgbtq winner, DNR 2.0,

The Pittsburgh Potty and job search mistakes to avoid in 2018 Tim and John learn about the "Pittsburgh Potty," discover a delivery service called GoPuff, and celebrate the Business Birthday of the man who invented the cardboard egg carton. Shop Talk covers the mistakes not to make on the job search in 2018, and do you have a personal brand? We're all business. Except when we're not.

Dr. Jay thinks Romaine is working hard, Words with Friends vexes, Derek has a messy dinner, comped drink etiquette, Derek stands corrected, Romaine is a tired mess, Patterson family road trip, Noah's Ark washes out, Stormy Daniels spills the dirt, Bianca del Rio will be on Adam Sank this week. Nancy Pelosi guests on RuPaul's Drag Race, Chicago West is a new baby, listeners demand more Nerdy Rock, Adam from Sissytown gets wrangled, moms hate Romaine, dating someone in therapy, Queer Eye has a new trailer out but Netflix may not be the right fit, Amazing Race pole position update, Clay Aiken has intense fans, Critter Chat: Delta tightens rules of support animals, Romie wants to be front and center, Roseanne is not happy, and Last Call ends the show.

DNR hates handholding, Derek spots a celebrity, Romaine faces another line, Juli time shifts about unicorns, DNR are running hot and cold, Taylor has a successful first week, Tyler discovers the awful truth about us, Chris Christie is denied, global entry, Tom Cruise is failing and almost dying, Derek reviews Gianni Versace, actor Jeff Hiller dishes 30 Rock and Bright Colors and Bold Patterns, loving an angel, eyebrow action, Romaine accomplishes something, Derek has a pro tip for listening through the Podcasts App, Knotts introduces a new boysenberry churro, fright nights, DNR have a Disney dilemma, and Tide Pods are not food.

Phones are ringing, Nathan time shifts on Call Me By Your Name, Tony in Vegas weighs in on reviews, Derek has a play along game for Amazing Race and RuPaul's Drag Race, Katya is taking a break, Luis isn't mad about tank tops, Romaine has Olympic fever, Adam Sank pulls a twofer, The Koreas will march together at the Olympics and Gus Kenworthy is on his way, Eliza Dushku joins #MeToo campaign, UK doctors study vaginas, DNR complain about personal growth, Derek gets an early butt dial, JB is a morning cheerleader, Trump weighs in, snow jobs for the neighbors, woman returned Christmas tree to Costco, grudge matches over clutter, Mark in Buffalo time shifts on the Coronation, and Derek has a supermarket fail.

DNR do a great show, Romaine rediscovers Speech and Debate, Derek attends a Coronation, Romie Pie Pants is a sick mess, a pillow secret unravels, take this bloomin onion and shove it, Oscar Meyer sweat pants, a personal fryer gets a work out, sew it up, Alex Trebek gets brain surgery, icy conditions ahead, Trump gets physical, Derek makes Romaine work, Trish is a hippie, Critter Chat: talking to dogs and seeing bobcats.

Fan Favorite. DNR are a hot mess, protesters are close, Romaine dodges a phone call, DNR disagree about disagreeing, Romaine has a wonderful life, WTF Florida: 20 year old wins $451 Mega Millions, My Lottery Dream Home vexes Derek, Michael time shifts about Friday's show and putting Romie to work, childproof caps are a problem, period panties, Patterson knockers, thunder jugs get seen, lights go out at CES and in New Jersey, Hawaii has a false alarm, ways to spend your last remaining minutes, Trading Spaces is coming back, HGTV is a warm bath for Derek, Romaine gets into Wonder, Erica Garza talks sex and porn addiction with her new book Getting Off, Derek reviews Call Me By Your Name and The Post, Romaine is mad at Derek making more work for her, a wife for your wife, and Derek is coerced into having a baby.

On today's ASS, we get into the tea with how Aaron Cater talks about bisexuality, Dave Chappelle jokes about Anthony Rapp, The 12 kinds of gays in the gym, Eminem uses Grindr, We have more Cocktails and Cocktalk, Viral gay tweets, Doctor reused anal catheters on patent, Seattle Family Discovers Python in toilet. We have in studio guest John Epperson. Co Host Ryan Frostig

The Focus Group bids Out In The Vineyard's Mark Vogler a bon voyage to Antarctica! This week Tim and John look at new marketing programs from McDonald's and Ikea. Roy Disney is our Business Birthday and Shop Talk explores business buzzwords that make you sound stupid. Mark Vogler, from Out In The Vineyard, updates us on what's in store for this summer's events. has Awarded Gay Wine Weekend the Best Event of the Summer and we agree. Mark introduces us to The Velvet Mafia and how LGBT networking finally got him selected for an eight week Antarctica program with the National Science Foundation. We're all business. Except when we're not.

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