DNR Fan Favorite Shows

Fan Favorite. Derek is jacked up, Romaine vegs out, Pie Pants makes an appearance, LaundroMatt is a perfect nickname, Killing Eve wows Romaine, Derek is into Henry Cavill's mustache, bad plastic surgery ruins people, Mark aka Totes raves about Romaine, Romaine gets good feedback, Brad's grandma has a revelation about the show, Derek gets into a pizza fight, Romaine gets some and laments back to school, Romie can't stop, this month's Netflix and Chill is Out of Sight, DNR get nominated for awards again, Derek has a genealogy adventure, Gary contemplates X19, Jack Whitehall and Ruby Rose break the internet over gay roles, Lady Bunny celebrates a birthday, Hedda Lettuce is MIA, and man dies in column.

Fan Favorite. Donny is ridiculous, Sloshie Josh shades DNR over the new chair, Timothy Timeshifter orders a shirt, Romaine responds to Marc in MN and Derek talks sales tax, Critter Chat: woman has lump in her face, MS-13 torments a middle school but Romie Pie Pants just graduated, Iris rushes to therapy, Roseanne is coming back without Roseanne, Logear time shifts on the Pride Crate and the new show Yellowstone, Jurassic World opening in theaters this weekend, Romaine deals with tech issues, boobs flopping everywhere, DNR have a supermarket sweep drama, callers have shopping cart issues, Stanton says people are horrible, Matt missed important details before getting married, Queen Elizabeth tips her hat the LGBT community, Romaine learns something new about pride, Greenwich Village statues aren't representative enough, Patterson family has a dog problem, Derek schools an intern on hags, Sabina has a fruit issue, Derek recaps RuPaul's Drag Race, and Last Call ends the show.

Fan Favorite! Romaine is back, Derek can't find anything at home, Romaine unplugs at CMA Fest, brother John lives in a southern hollow, Romaine is a queen of the southern drunk homosexuals, Chevy hooks a lady up, Romaine thinks country has gone too mainstream but the guys are hot, a surprise family visit, brisket bonanza, Billy in Philly loves Shania Twain, guest Abramov Lex drops by to talk dirty with DNR and discuss his new book Uncovered, Ocean's 8 gets the lez on, Iris reports for duty, Pride Crate update, Hurricane Bianca gets a screening in Lowell MA, and the Seven Minute workout gets an update.

Fan Favorite. DNR are not beloved by Taylor listeners, Derek reviews SOLO, Timmy watched Hurricane Bianca, Romaine gets her cookie on, Derek has a food adventure at home, Romaine puzzles it out, DNR don't mind some movie nudity, Jeff time shifts about art versus music, guest Frank DeCaro and Jim Colucci drop by Studio A, Ryan in AZ has treasured memories of Tucson, Stanton wants a Frank exercise update, DNR dish the Roseanne cancellation with Frank and Jim, Frank tours with Lisa Lampinelli, Jim is working on a Love Boat book, Frank hits Broadway, and hitting the yellow brick road.

Fan Favorite! Happy Monday. Romaine recaps the Kentucky Derby, Romie is sassy, Derek deals with latecomers, Adam becomes a real housewife, listeners weigh in on party etiquette, Derek doesn't want your excuses, Romaine likes to feel superior, legal secretary leaves huge fortune behind, Critter Chat: filmmaker killed by giraffe, Romaine gets a thoughtful listener gift, Princess Anne of Boston decries the loss of old clocks and sneak peeks Andrew Morton's new look at Meghan Markle, Jonathan in LA recommended Arrested Development remix and Handmaid's Tale, Gary in CT likes digital clocks, Jeremiah time shifts on Drag Race, hockey player Brad Marchand is a kissing bandit, Romie gets a haircut, and a Studio A update.

Fan Favorite. Welcome to the show, Derek plugs in with the oldsters, Romaine snags some moms, Critter Chat: frogs take over New Orleans, the White House gets a tree and maybe a coat of paint, Madonna celebrates an anniversary, Gay Problems: Timothy wonders about a little boy's gift, Val calls in to crush Romaine's dreams, Derek's town erupts in drama over the pledge, Derek rants about our differences, actor Bruce Hart talks about Where The Bears Are, Sir Laughs A Lot weighs in on bears, Bruce Hart talks Open and streaming options, FaceTime is rude, orbiting versus ghosting, Matt calls from the laundry room to complain about FaceTime, what ice cream tells you about your age, Kathy Griffin and Miley Cyrus are not sorry anymore, and explaining things to your kids.

Fan Favorite. DNR kick of their 15th anniversary week, Romaine grunted it out, Derek gets his Party Face on, people freak out over free food, Romaine doesn't like Derek's collectibles, Survivor Sucks Dan calls in from a Carnival fun ship, Tony Tony Tony questions his DNR collectibles, LA listeners are hanging out together a lot, Beau in LA calls in about his cheering section, Derek plugs his SF adventure again, Romaine escapes a castle, lesbian processing circle on the move, delicate sensibilities in social media, Romaine responds to an email, Gay Problems: extra ticket to see Pink, Derek's haunted house, McNuggets have gotten smaller, Ryan in AZ needs tech support, Wayward Tom complains about HGTV, trehalose is a new dietary worry, sex emergencies that send people to an ER, Chance has a gay problem with his new roommate, Tim Tebow wants to adopt, Roseanne serves some truth, DNR experienced child labor, childhood medical emergencies, sexy farts, Mark in NJ shares an embarrassing story, and credit card companies doing away with signatures.

Fan Favorite! DNR get sing songy, a thoughtful listener gift and kind email, RuPaul's Drag Race chatter, Timothy thinks hot soapy water is the solution, Iris gets desperate at work, JD feels Romaine's pain, McDonald's get a couple of hot beef injections, Billy in Philly takes a bird bath, Chris is worried about over share Friday, cheerleaders get exposed to mumps, Charlotte Bronte gets an obituary, Gay Problems: will a gay CanAmerican be safe in Texas, guest Lisa Ann (@TheRealLisaAnn) drops by Studio A to talk about her Evil Angel comeback, Derek questions how fantasy leagues and the NFL combines work, the Pattersons have worn Romaine out, Parker O'Donnell becomes a Marine, Gus Kenworthy has a missed connection with Ricky Martin at the Oscars, a time shirt talks generators, Romaine won't be going to the movies this weekend, and Last Call ends the show in a disturbing way.

Fan Favorite. Derek has an awkward girl scout cookie story, Romaine drives thru, RuPaul hits the Match Game, quarantine rooms for the sick, Romaine struggles with a dolly, JLo has a fancy party for her twins, Frozen is coming to Broadway and presages are huge, Danny time shifts about Florence, Ryan doesn't know what IMDB is, David is also in Vegas now, guest Brian J. Moylan drops by Studio A to chat about AOL Queer Eye on Netflix, real names of service workers, planning therapy time, Real Housewives have a terrifying cruise disaster, Celebrity Big Brother and Survivor talk, hooking up in a recycling truck, best Olympics moments, unbearable gay men with kids, Armando serves mustache, Mark McGrath and dream plastic surgery.

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