13 Years Of DNR: On The Road Again!

We’ve been together for more than thirteen years. What’s our secret? We travel really well together! DNR 2.0 is all about our huge listener cruises and Disney park adventures, but it all started in a bunch of rundown hotels at pride events off the map!

So check out our latest free podcast in our series celebrating the highs and lows of thirteen years together. This episode is all about our time hitting the road to promote our show. Listen to all of our podcasts in this series for free and subscribe now to DNR 2.0 to hear us live on weekdays, talking to your favorite guests and taking your calls. It’s the duo you know and love, together again!


With our easy downloads and live streaming available in the Podcasts app already loaded on the iPhone or added to your favorite Android podcast app (like Podcast Addict), listening to our new show has never been easier! If you can hear this free podcast, you can listen live to DNR 2.0!

Subscribe now!

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