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08.04.20 -Fan Favorite!

Fan Favorite! Romaine has TMI, Donny deals with a toxic tether, Derek serves up the rules, Rob can’t find his key, Tony in Vegas talks keys, LaudroMatt is locked out naked, Happy Jack talks Rob, … Read more

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Fan Favorite. Romaine is having soda withdrawals, Tony in Vegas talks health, Coronavirus update, Glenn in CAN talks coronavirus, Kathryn in AZ is excited for our trip, Applebees has an unfortunate hashtag, the Pattersons make … Read more

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01.08.20 -Twat Is Happening

Fan Favorite! Cannibal eats Bacon, Michael in Nashville asks about Iris’s leg, Romaine visits the gyno, Tony in Vegas responds to Romaine’s story, The Nanny sings, Jonathan in LA talks The Watchmen, Jeff in PS … Read more

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Bonus Episode – Gay Problems

Bonus Episode. What’s Your Gay Problem is back! A fan favorite segment from the show returns. Derek and Romaine dispense advice on cell phone etiquette at live shows and dealing with family at the holidays.

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10.22.19 – Ghost Cat

Fan Favorite. Season of Giving, another bonus episode is coming up, Romaine gets domestic for Thanksgiving, Dennis Quaid is older than we thought, Derek gets into Prohibition, quiet car rules broken by random song, Brent … Read more

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05.08.19 – Hubba Hiney

Fan Favorite with Frank DeCaro In Studio! Derek is served an awkward ass, Jeff in Palm Springs is also served the ad, Romaine is fluxed by some hidden hookers, Harry and Meghan name their baby, … Read more

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03.04.19 – The Daily Wig

Fan Favorite. Derek gets called out over sex workers, Trucker Albert is worried about family in Alabama, the upcoming DNR Cruise takes place on Star Wars day, Leaving Neverland documentary, Romaine has a snow blower … Read more

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01.04.19 – 503 Error

Fan Favorite. Happy Anniversary! DNR hit a snag but Ryan in NE gets it worked out, Michael Lucas is retiring, Tony in LV has issues, Derek cries wolf, Billy in Philly freaks out, Ellen wants … Read more

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