• KEVinASHEVILLE posted an update 2 months, 1 week ago

    @dereksmom I have to tell you that i talked to Derek on the phone to book my first cruise and must say he was perfectly delightful and professional and not at all the horrible hateful person he claims to be on air. I am so excited to meet them next year! So to you, good job!

    • Thanks — he’s the nicest person I know 🙂 Which cruise are you going on?

      • Miami Madness next Feb. 398 days! But who’s counting. Our 1st. Cant wait but of course, as i was on the phone with him, i told him…..uuugh, I so want to be on the Love Cruise… Grew up in NYC area but hate winter….

    • The Miami madness is our first DNR cruise too. I must have sounded so awkward because I was a bit awe struck talking to Derek.

    • He has fun acting cranky, but I find him to be a kind hearted marshmallow.

      • Definitely! By the way just so you know (because its right around the corner @ 397 days), since we are newbies, i will be looking for you as soon as we get to that port to meet you. I hoping some friends of ours come as well.