Better Off Med Calendar – Now available for your smartphone!

For those traveling on Better Off Med, you can now “subscribe” your smartphones to the iCal BOM Calendar, and have all the DNR itinerary on your phone’s calendar! To learn how, go to:

An important note, all calendar entries are already set specifically to “CEST” (Central European Summer Time). Thus if you are in the USA and you subscribe to the calendar, the times will LOOK INCORRECT – don’t freak out! This is because your phone is set to your local time zone. Rest assured, when you get to Spain, simply make sure that your phone is set to the local time zone (also the ship time) in Spain, which is CEST. It’s necessary that we enter the entries as CEST time, or when you get to Spain, then the times would look incorrect!

Just remember, when you get to Spain set your smartphone to the local CEST time, and all will be well. Many smartphones will adjust their timezone automatically.

Darren Nye

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