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Patrick Tubbs asked 3 weeks ago

Is there a reason that the Apple Podcast for IPhone  only allows us to scroll back to the 6/1/17 show and no further. I used to be able to go all the way back to the day 1 show in the Feed for download. I have deleted the podcast and reinstalled per instruction, but can still only go back to the June 1st show in the Feed. Any help would be appreciated.  \’Thank you,  

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DNRShow Staff answered 2 weeks ago

We recently updated the podcast app to only load the past 30 days worth of shows. We had a data cost issue with new subscribers automatically downloading 700+ hours of data and it was costing us a fortune. So we are exploring a work around on the auto downloads, but in the meantime, we have temporarily limited the app downloads to the past 30 days. But the full archive is available on the web. 

Patrick Tubbs replied 1 week ago

Thank you for the answer.