DJ Turban In The Mix – Derek’s Love Cruise Playlist

Our biggest and wildest DNR Cruise ever ended with another milestone first: Derek’s debut as a party DJ. Below is the track list Derek selected and why he chose the songs he picked. If you want to join in an upcoming DNR adventure, don’t be shy! Check out Hot Mex this fall or Miami Madness in Feb 2018!

  1. Together Again – Janet Jackson. “I’ve loved this song since it came out. It’s a bittersweet tune but it has a great beat under it. So I thought it was a fitting way to begin the final hours of our cruise. We will be together again!”
  2. Nobody’s Supposed To Be Here – Deborah Cox. “This is a 90s gay classic. I mean, you can’t have a gay dance party without it. And it also sums up my gratitude that the listeners showed up for us when we needed them most. Not just on the cruises but for our new live show as well.”
  3. Circus (Junior Vasquez Radio Edit) – Britney Spears. “I tried to progress backwards and forward through the last 25 years of pop music and I knew I wanted some Britney in there. And with some of the wild behavior of our listeners, Romaine and I can occasionally feel like lion tamers.”
  4. Commander – Kelly Rowland. “I have a soft spot in my heart for the other member of Destiny’s Child and this is as good a dance song as has ever been. Plus, Johnny Lazy loves this song and he went wild for it on the dance floor like I knew he would.”
  5. Paparazzi (Moto Blanco Radio Remix) – Lady Gaga. I like a lot of Gaga but this song and especially this mix really speaks to me. And it makes for a subtle lead-in to the next song.”
  6. #SELFIE – The Chainsmokers. “This is a nod to TyJack. This has been a DNR Cruise dance floor staple since DNR Cruise #2 so I couldn’t let our dance party go without it.”
  7. Supermodel (You Better Work) – RuPaul. “I played the slightly longer version that includes the legendary LaWanda Page with her spoken word open. Still one of the great pop songs of the 90s.”
  8. I’m Every Woman (Clivilles & Cole Mix) – Whitney Houston. “Whitney’s cover of the Chaka Khan classic makes a great mix. This is always a crowd pleaser. A gay dance floor must!”
  9. Deeper and Deeper – Madonna. “I included a couple of nods to Romaine. She isn’t a dance floor diva herself but she loves Madonna and this is my favorite of her dance tracks from peak Madonna.”
  10. 100% Pure Love (Radio Edit) – Crystal Waters. “My preferred mix of this song is the Gumbo Mix but I tried to keep all the songs at four minutes or shorter. But this is a great tune either way.”
  11. Love Don’t Cost A Thing – Jennifer Lopez. “When I first moved to NYC, I was obsessed with this song and the video. Jennifer Lopez is an underrated pop star and this is a great track.”
  12. No Money – Galantis. “I am currently obsessed with Galantis so I did include three of their tracks in my mix. I started to lose the crowd when I played anything remotely new but I don’t care. You can respect the classics and still stay current when a good beat hits. Also how perfect is following Love Don’t Cost A Thing with No Money?”
  13. Take Me Home – Cash Cash. “This is another current song the crowd wasn’t feeling but this is as good a dance song as there is. Fun beat and it is a great driving song or for cleaning the house.”
  14. Girls (Who Run The World) – Beyonce. “Naturally I got the crowd back with some classic Beyonce. I tried not to linger too long on any one time period to keep the crowd engaged and guessing.”
  15. Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.) – Katy Perry. “There had to be some Katy Perry and my wig is named Katy Hairy. Since the party was on Friday night, this was a must have. I tried to pick songs that the ship’s DJ hadn’t played to death all week long. This was a risk but had to play it.”
  16. Spice Up Your Life – Spice Girls. “There was confusion on the dance floor when this started which made me happy because this nearly forgotten pop anthem of the late 90s is still great. This typifies what I was looking for in my mix: songs people forgot they loved. This is a great one.”
  17. Beautiful Stranger (William Orbit Mix) – Madonna. ” A second shout out to Romaine. Fun fact: this was a track cut from Ray of Light for space and then used for the Austin Powers soundtrack. What a time in Madonna’s career when this is a bonus track. So fun.”
  18. Bounce – Iggy Izalea. “I am an admitted Iggy fan. Work and Fancy are great too and with a longer set I would have included one or both, but Bounce is the most uptempo even if it is less well known.”
  19. Just Fine – Mary J. Blige. “The second this song starts with Mary J. intoning ‘You know I love music’ I am instantly transported into this song. All hail, Mary J. Blige and this feel good track that makes me want to move.”
  20. Peanut Butter Jelly – Galantis. “This song came out in the summer 2015 and I was obsessed with it. The video is a cheerful must see. I dance you to watch the video and not start dancing around.”
  21. I Love It When You Cry – Steve Aoki. “I really like a dance song with unusual lyrics. This has a great dance beat to it and the lyric ‘the tears bring out your eyes’ tickles me.”
  22. Dance Our Tears Away – John De Sohn. “Another clever transition, this one about crying! This is a quintessential gay dance song (downbeat subject, upbeat tune). If it had a whistle in it, it would be perfect.”
  23. When Love Takes Over – David Guetta. “Kelly Rowland is back with another great dance song. David Guetta is a modern genius and this upbeat anthem is sure to get asses shaking on the floor.”
  24. I Love It – Icona Pop. “This is definitely a crowd pleaser and everyone loves yelling ‘I don’t care! I love it!’ in the middle of the song, including Romaine’s daughter. This is her favorite song, of course.”
  25. StarShips – Nicki Minaj. “The sun rises and sets on Nicki for me. It was tough picking which song to go with but I went with StarShips because I originally paired it in the line-up with Commander (I’m so clever!) and the next track, which was originally going to be Countdown.”
  26. Green light (Freemasons Remix) – Beyonce. “My roommate Mike turned me onto this track and I love it. I have a lot of love for tracks that are great but never charted big. This song deserved to be a hit.”
  27. Whitney Estranja/It’s Not Right But It’s Okay – Whitney Houston. “This was a bit of a cheat. I didn’t play the full Whitney Houston classic, choosing instead to play the web parody featuring Laganja Estranga from RuPaul’s Drag Race which ends with the line ‘Work bitch!'”
  28. Work Bitch – Britney Spears. “What more is there to say. This is a great dance song. Work it out.”
  29. Hold My Hand – Jess Glynne. “This is a great recent dance hit and it was what I was listening to in the car on the way to Romaine’s for Day One of DNR 2.0 for inspiration. Turns out we weren’t ready for this. But I love the classic gay anthem song of this song. But since the crowd started to fade, I jumped ahead in my playlist to the last three tunes to wrap up the party a little early.”
  30. You Don’t Know Me – Jax Jones. “This didn’t get play during the dance party but I like this recent EDM song. It has a fun vibe. Maybe you’ll like it too.”
  31. Alone – Marshmello. “I also didn’t get to play this but this current dance pop hit is a great song.”
  32. I Believe In You – Kylie Minogue. “This began the cool down portion of the set. Gays love Kylie. She isn’t my favorite but I do like this track and it was a good lead-in to Cher.”
  33. Believe – Cher. “I jumped ahead to this track knowing that it would be a Fan favorite, in DNR 2.0 speak, and it sure was. The fading crowd came roaring back for this diva.”
  34. Pillow Fight – Galantis. “This is a new love of mine and I knew as the party was coming to an end I wanted to close with with one. ‘I’ll go to sleep tomorrow’ was definitely the theme of our week together.”
  35. Last Dance – Donna Summer. “You know the party is over when this song plays. Unfortunately, the crowd roared for more so I played Holiday by Madonna and Step By Step by Whitney Houston as two bonus tracks as the night came to an end. A great cruise and a great time.”

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4 Responses to DJ Turban In The Mix – Derek’s Love Cruise Playlist

  1. Stephen Moore February 22, 2017 at 9:22 pm #

    Werq! But you shouldn’t misspell Nicki Minaj’s name, she’ll cut a bitch.

  2. Alexo February 23, 2017 at 2:11 am #

    Thanks! Do you have it as iTunes playlist to share?

  3. Noam February 23, 2017 at 12:15 pm #

    I loved that you wrote comments in the third person. So Bob Dole of you.
    It was a great dance set and you did quite well. Impressive energy — bouncing around the whole time. I maintain that the blue bob wig gave you special DJ powers — kinda like Wonder Woman and her gold lamé belt.

  4. David May 7, 2017 at 11:05 am #

    I saw Kylie Minogue live a couple of years ago. Hands down the best live show I’ve seen.

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