DNR 2.0: More Fan Favorite Shows

Subscribers are loving the all-new DNR 2.o. It’s the same old Derek and Romaine but even better than ever! Your favorite guests, your favorite callers. Plus the convenience of time shifting. Hear DNR anytime, anywhere with our “always on” digital streaming channel and more than 250+ hours of shows in the download archive. Listen at home, at work, in the car, on a plane, anywhere through your laptop or mobile device.

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The best way to get started with DNR 2.0 is by catching up with some of our best new shows, as selected by listeners like you! Below are ten recent shows our listeners loved (and you can hear ten more fan favorite shows here). Enjoy all the best moments from our first six months on the air with 40 hours of  fan favorite entertainment!

  1. First Time At A Gay Bar Realness (June 23, 2016): Derek and Romaine share their first times visiting gay bars and get lots of calls from listeners sharing their own stories. Also, Derek gets too many notifications, Romaine has a fight about breakfast, Hamilton is coming to PBS, and the beaches are open again at WDW,
  2. Pulse Nightclub Shooting (June 12, 2016): Special Live Coverage of the shooting at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando. Overnight 49 people were killed and 53 people reported injured in the worst mass shooting in US history. Phone calls from listeners and the latest details on the tragedy as it unfolded in Florida.
  3. Noah Floods The Basement (June 9, 2016): Our week of great shows continues with some real bombshells from a Real O’Neal’s star, Lea Delaria has deep thoughts about the LGBT acronym, plus Obama endorses Hillary, a woman has a bad experience with the business end of an umbrella and we say a sad good-bye to one of our own!
  4. Hungry, Hungry Alligator Part Two (June 8, 2016): Guest Hedda Lettuce is just another Female On The Beach this summer, an alligator in Florida has eaten another body, tiny houses piss off our listeners, roommate is obsessed with Wealth, Alexander Camelton makes his zoo debut.
  5. Pick Flick 2016 (June 7, 2016): A spammer loves our listeners, Democrats love Bernie but accept Hillary,, Broadway is still crazy for Hamilton, Richard Simmons was so crazy he landed in a hospital and a decapitated child has a happy ending.
  6. Missing Foot Fetish (June 2, 2016): Derek and Romaine both had weird days but it turned into a great show. ABC is bringing back classic game shows that Romaine has never heard of, doctors have a cause of death for Prince, millennial voters don’t know where the stamps are, and Colorado has a missing ski resort worker and they found a severed foot but it isn’t his! WTF Colorado?!
  7. Clamor For Grammar (May 20, 2016): Romaine has a happy deer update, Derek has a stressful commute, science has good news for earthquakes but bad news about public pools, EW lists the best Will & Grace celebrity cameos, someone created a new way to lick your pussy, and the TD Penny Arcade is closing. Plus dirty ads for Let’s Get Personal Friday and Last Call!
  8. Something Fell Out Of Grandpa (May 6, 2016): Dirty ads for Let’s Get Personal Friday features Ray in Miami in English and Spanish and a grandpa who wants some very nasty things done to him, plus Derek runs through a gamut of topics from carbon capture to quantum computing to Hillary’s running mate to sad puppy mills and Romaine almost kills her wife (again).
  9. May The Fourth Be With You (May 4, 2016): Dolly Parton is getting married, a hot guy is poisoning people, Ted Cruz is punching his wife, Derek debates pot pies, Melanie Griffith gives some terrible performances and Janet Jackson gets knocked up at fifty!
  10. Frank DeCaro Lives (April 19, 2016): Guest Frank DeCaro dropped by for the whole show. Doria Biddle called in. Listeners did Unscreened. It’s all your favorites back together again.

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  1. Nick December 12, 2016 at 12:38 pm #

    I’m surprised the Pussy Juice episode didn’t make the list…

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