DNR 2.0: Top Ten Fan Favorite Episodes!

Derek and Romaine are back and better than ever! Need proof? Check out these TOP TEN fan favorite episodes of DNR 2.0. For new subscribers, this is a great way to catch up on what you’ve missed so far!

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  1. Pizza Pits! (April 15, 2016): It’s our freeview, preview weekend show! Critter chat about wet beavers, pizza pits in the dirty ads of Let’s Get Personal Fridays, Sarah Palin: scientist, Lance Bass setting sail and a wild finish with Last Call.
  2. A Hedda For Sin (April 12, 2016): Guest Hedda Lettuce drops by with a disturbing update about life in Mexico and her upcoming eye surgery, Derek gets nerdy about flinging an iPhone into space and Romaine loves Jessica Jones but is worried about racism!
  3. Guest Tom Goss (April 5, 2016): Guest Tom Goss talked Dusty Springfield, Columbus softball and what happened to his beard. Plus does Romaine shit in the woods? Does Derek have dreams that come true? Did a woman eat out of a salad bar with her bare hands in Florida? Your questions answered in another great show.
  4. Boobs It Is! (March 22, 2016): Guest Mary Jean. Derek is back from Gay Days Anaheim with weird encounters with Disney characters, Romaine has a run in with the Easter bunny and Mary Jean gets a blow out. Plus scary gifts with surprise twist endings!
  5. Our 100th Hour Is A Ten! (March 11, 2016): This Friday night turned into a screeching crazy mess. Uncle Jeffy dropped by to celebrate our 100th hour of the new DNR 2.0. So many calls, so much mess. If you like us out of control, this is the show for you!
  6. Something For Everyone (February 22, 2016): A hodge-podge of all your favorite things on a Friday night. Donny (aka #TheWorst) phoned it in, Trump threw some water, the Oscars are throwing a party and DNR threw the phones to the wolves with an Unscreened Friday ender to remember.
  7. Guest Adam Sank (February 18, 2016): Its the filthy show of your dreams with guest Adam Sank and the return of ADD Jeff. No depraved sexual activity in this extra NSFW show where sex talk blends with iPhone privacy issues, Romaine’s Survivor fears and Trump blasting the Pope.
  8. Super Fun Friday Night (February 5, 2016): Cyd Zeigler from helped us with our Super Bowl picks, Derek gives you the That’s Entertainment scoop on new movies opening this weekend and Romaine has a disturbing Florida story!
  9. Thirsty For DNR Drama (January 21, 2016): Romaine goes off on her life, Derek attracts Facebook catfishers, scientists think there is another planet nearby and it’s huge, Star Wars is taking over Disneyland and Gus Kenworthy is a dreamboat.
  10. Best Of The Week (January 7, 2016): Week One, Day Four: Our best show yet! This one went off without a hitch with fall cruise memories, awkward stranger deaths, grumpy cat lady at Starbucks and Powerball dreams!

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  1. Paul inMass April 18, 2016 at 1:24 pm #

    Adam Sank being at 7 is appropriate

  2. Nateo April 18, 2016 at 3:07 pm #

    Frankin friday!

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