DNR Keeps Growing!

What a first few weeks it has been!

Just three weeks ago, we were on the brink of launch and had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. And neither did you! We knew we had a show to do and all we could promise was a live stream every day. Well, a lot has changed.

Just before we launched, Jeffy got our downloads up and running. So people could tune in live, stream the show continuously all day, or download the most recent show and enjoy it anytime, anywhere. The show was an immediate hit, with the servers crashing on the first two days from all the traffic. But we moved quickly to a new server and now everything is running very smoothly. Bring on the traffic. We can handle it!

On Friday, we added phones to the mix and now not only can you hear DNR live every day, you can hear some of your favorite callers too. Stanton in Austin has called in, and Bobby in TN too. Plus a whole bunch of callers who had never called the show before who finally had the chance now that the new show had launched. It has all been very emotional and exciting.

Now the Day One shirts that our brave pioneers ordered have started to arrive. And listeners are posting photos online of themselves in their DNR shirts. It is pretty cool. And shortly we will have our official 2016 DNR shirt available as well as a special DNR Gay Days shirt to wear to Mini Gay Days on March 19th at Disneyland (Derek will be there!) or Gay Days Orlando and Gay Days Anaheim this fall.

What’s next? A permanent chat room so listeners can chat with each other while the show plays. It is a great way to connect with your fellow listeners and make new friends! A DNR smartphone app is also on the way. You can already listen to the show through the browser on your smart phone or tablet but very soon you’ll have the one touch convenience of an app to make it even better, especially for downloading past shows.

It all keeps getting better and better every day, with a growing archive of shows to enjoy and a growing number of new subscribers pouring in. We appreciate you being with us on this extraordinary journey. We can’t do it without you and we are grateful that you are here. And that we can be here for you!

Derek Hartley and Romaine Patterson (and Uncle Jeffy too)

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