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Keith Price shares his NYC Theater picks. Theater Ambassador and host of the podcast "Curtain Call", Keith Price, joins us to share his theater picks- should you find yourself in NYC this holiday season. But first, Venezuela is selling knock-offs of familiar brands and a freelance writer tricks Trip Advisor by making his shed the top ranked restaurant in London. ShopTalkexplores a sporty manager that wants everyone to share her love of sport--or they will get dinged on their performance review. We're all business. Except when we're not.

Derek is out on a trolley ride in his home town and he has been replaced by the very animated author Justin Loeber. Romaine reviews Romie's fifth grade concert and her town has religious issues with the holidays. Romaine goes off on Star Wars and the crazy new release of Last Jedi. Holiday crates are given away and we Gwen spends some time talking about her time at Derek and Romaine.

Guest host Brian J. Moylan is here for the show, Derek explains what happened with yesterday's amazing show, Biran is surrounded by lady bodybuilders, man flu is real, Brian and Derek talk nemesissies, bad dating matches, the best way to hook up, guests Kit Williamson and John Haibach talk third season of the Eastsiders now on iTunes, Brian weighs in on Patrick from Fire Island doing porn, late night at a 7/11, Netflix trolls Christmas movie views, Brian is obsessed with Christmas movies, Net Neutrality will be a problem, anus chocolates are an old story, gift wrapping and a holiday dilemma, no time for a holy cow and Survivor finale in final two minutes.

Fan Favorite! You have to hear it to believe it! Glitter bomber identity is revealed!

Katie is sick now too, Derek is shady to Donny in social media, Keaton Jones update: his mom might be a racist, fans still missing us, Alabama dad goes viral protesting Roy Moore, Glitter Bomb anniversary, Romaine is looking forward to a concert, The Pattersons respond to Romie's Amazon wish list, tech expert Brian Westbrook drops by Studio A to talk holiday gifts and latest smart phones, regifting madness with listeners, Jeff time shifts on Jaxton Wheeler, quiet car rules will not be waived, Mayor of SF dies, and Romaine is a bus winner.

Chad time shifts about Paris Hilton, Timothy Time Shifter deals with Cherry Pop, Derek gets more of a scoop on Bianca but Stanton is a non-believer, Kick has a listener meet up in LA, Romaine is sick but at least her home life is coming together, Derek has new PJs, Darren the tech guy drops by Studio A, DNR address the mad bomber earlier today, guest Jaxton Wheeler talks about the August Ames porn controversy, former intern JB has a secret santa, Keaton Jones deals with bullying and social media responds, Romie is getting an exciting present, and the gay community is a race to the bottom.

With co-host Ryan Frostig, Pervnado continues, Bryan Singer and Kevin Spacey accused, Gay Australian MP Proposes, HIV in NYC All Time Low, Traveling Butts, and Guest Jackie Martling

Executive Coach Michael Mellen, and some advice for Lauer, Weinstein, and Spacey Description: Tim and John welcome Career Coach Michael Mellen to the show as we steam toward 2018. Happy Birthday to Irv Robbins of Baskin-Robbins fame. We are still the only show in the universe that celebrates Business Birthdays. Why are there 31 flavors and what was the 31st? Shop Talk explores a gay governed Palm Springs, don't hang mistletoe at the Holiday Party, and China has a bike disposal problem. We're all business. Except when we're not. iTunes: iHeart Radio: Tunein: Stitcher: Google Play: YouTube: Also follow Tim and John on: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:

Final Fridonnay of the year, Vee has a Critter Chat about an opossum, Jonathan reports from the Ventura fire line and catches up on Survivor, Romaine says something nice about Iris and heads to the doctor, update on Romie Pie Pants and her detention, Coco is now Frozen free, Romaine has a frog update, Silicon Valley start up hires models to make holiday party seem fun, Romaine's iPhone Tin is here, Adam doesn't love grasshoppers, guest Rachelle Chapman from Dallas Novelty talks sex toys with Romaine, listeners go RV crazy, Jockman Jeff regifts for the holidays, Tarantino wants to make a Star Trek movie, Bryan Singer is in hot water again, Trent Franks retires over surrogacy, Scientology may be covering up sex scandals and Last Call ends a fun week!

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