02.22.17- The Future Of DNR

DNR listeners break up a fight, DJ Turban in the mix – Derek’s posts his Friday Night Dance Party playlist, hot tub drama, Travis in CT is Romaine’s new Netflix and Chill buddy, Kathy is a sneaky lady, Romaine got her flirt on, Stanton is Austin is not sorry he missed the DNR Cruise, guest Tom D’Angora talks Naked Boys Singing and Hillary Clinton, Xtina has a rebuttal for Romaine, Commander In Chief had an unsupportive family, Derek has some space age coffee, a Utah couple uses a drone to spy on their neighbors and Katie Kate Kates makes her triumphant return.

02.21.17- Back And Sicker Than Ever!

We’re back! And sick! Derek ate a 32 ounce steak, Iris had a bad week, Derek passes out, DNR dispense advice, bull runs loose in New York City, Romaine loves a harem, Craig is no snitch, ADD Jeff is in love, Larry has to go and so did Jimmy, DJ Turban in the mix, Milo is on the outs, Romaine experiences life after Pulse, Priscilla Queen of the Desert delivers, Best Of show feedback, DNR get to know the listeners better, Derek surprises a cruiser, Kathy is a good person, and Josh Gad tries to get spoilers out of Daisy Ridley.

DNR Best Of Show- 02.20.17- Rainy Days and Thursdays

DNR Best Of Show from 10.13.16- Rainy Days And Thursdays
Fan Favorite: Derek has a flirt fail, Romaine is disappointed in her wife again, Derek saw Michelle Collins do her stand-up show, Finding Prince Charming is coming back for another season, Trump’s hot mess lights up the phones, Derek’s bougie neighbor gets a lift, Romaine has bus drama, Empire divides DNR, and Derek and Romaine fight over their humble beginnings.

DNR Best Of Show- 02.17.17- No Business Like Old Business

DNR Best Of Show from 07.14.16- No Business Like Old Business
Fan Favorite! We cover a lot of old business in this show. Listeners are time shifting, the cat is staying at Number 10 Downing Street, Peter Thiel and Dana White are speaking but Sarah Palin not so much, Titus Burgess is mad at a mover, Netflix will not put you in jail for sharing your password, the Soloflex man might not be a homophobe, Taylor Swift might not be crazy and Derek has great advice for buying a bra.

DNR Best Of Show- 02.16.17- Sharks, Frogs, and Other Critters

DNR Best Of Show from 05.16.16- Sharks, Frogs, and Other Critters
Fan Favorite! Lively discussion of our wild weekends, Romie is sick, Derek hates public speaking, CBS cancels a show for being too female, Sinead O’Connor is missing, bare shoulders get covered up and a woman has a dead shark attached to her arm…. in Florida!

Best Of Show- 02.15.17- Noah Floods The Basement

DNR Best Of Show from 06.09.16- Noah Floods The Basement
FAN FAVORITE: Our week of great shows continues with some real bombshells from a Real O’Neal’s star, Lea Delaria has deep thoughts about the LGBT acronym, plus Obama endorses Hillary, a woman has a bad experience with the business end of an umbrella and we say a sad good-bye to one of our own!

DNR Best of Show- 02.14.17- Pick Flick 2016

DNR Best OF Show from 06.07.16 -Pick Flick 2016
FAN FAVORITE: A spammer loves our listeners, Democrats love Bernie but accept Hillary,, Broadway is still crazy for Hamilton, Richard Simmons was so crazy he landed in a hospital and a decapitated child has a happy ending.

DNR Best Of Show- 02.13.17- April Foolin’ Around

Derek and Romaine Best Of Show from 04.01.16 -April Foolin’ Around
Fan Favorite! ADD Jeff joins the crazy Friday night fun with outrageous dirty ads in Let’s Get Personal Fridays plus sick pets that cost a fortune, strippers at kid birthday parties, dead kids in creepy photos and your anonymous weirdness for Last Call.

DNR Best Of Show- 02.10.17- All I Want For Christmas is Glitter

DNR Best Of Show from 12.16.16 – All I Want For Christmas Is Glitter
Fan Favorite. The DNR Show is filled with gifts and holiday cheer, guest Drew Droege talks about his new one man show, Romaine is a mess of a person, Christmas presents as punishments, Derek is sexually harassed, stocking giveaway, Not Today Bianca review, and Last Call wraps up another super show!

02.09.17- Strange Orange Juice Pulp

East coast walloped by snow storm, DNR are in a cruise packing fury, KFC is making a pizza with a chicken crust, Romaine gets no loving for valentine’s day, Amal Clooney is pregnant with twins, special guest Carrie with the new kidney, Sunny the red panda has escaped, Xbox has special extension packs for valentine’s day, what to do that is thoughtful for valentine’s day, dead fish on the windshield, orange juice jizz update, church service gets a plate of pot cookies, teacher in trouble for bottomless cartwheel, man in pink panties drunk in stolen car with guns, stolen gas drama, Appalachian drug epidemic is out of control, Aretha Franklin is retiring, Bob Costas is done with the Olympics after 24 years, Final Five gymnasts get shady, Trump’s immigration ban is on hold and Derek is not looking forward to the miles. Off to DNR Cruise. Last live show until Tuesday, Feb 21st. Enjoy our best of shows!