03.21.17- Gym Hungry

DNR get a thoughtful gift (card), Romaine is a sad mess, Orlando our intern gets shady, Arnold and Donald Trump are still feuding, Bette and Joan keep up the Feud, Katie has a ladies room update, Romaine’s brother Sabin drops by, and Derek has another pointless Facebook fight.

03.20.17- Nice Try, Pot Pie

DNR were off on Friday and it was a mess, Beauty and the Beast is a monster at the box office and Power Rangers has a gay ranger, chat room got sketchy when the show was off, DNR discusses wedding etiquette, Romaine has a slime adventure with Romie, James Comey like the rest of America hates the New England Patriots and Tom Brady gets his jersey back, Derek doesn’t want to be an EDM bro and gets defended by Romaine, Sesame Street gets an autistic muppet, Romie is a good kid, and China cracks down on toilet paper thieves.

BEST OF SHOW- Ask Derek Anything

DNR Best Of Show from 10.28.16 – Ask Derek Anything!
Fan Favorite. It’s Ask Derek Anything. Today is Derek’s birthday so we open up the phones and take calls where Derek is peppered with questions about his sex life, his career and how he feels about Romaine. Plus RuPaul’s Drag Race has a good reunion and Finding Prince Charming still lacks charm. And Romaine has sad dog news.

03.16.17- When You Carey Enough To Send The Very Breast

FAN FAVORITE!!!! DNR are half-hearted matchmakers, DNR aren’t looking forward to St. Patrick’s Day, Derek doesn’t mind a gross restaurant, Romaine doesn’t want to work, Survivor has a goat eating dilemma, gays take over the Property Brothers, some celebrities like to have a secret life, PornHub plows Boston for free, guest Hugh Hunter drops by Studio A to talk porn musical theater and Mariah Carey, Derek calls someone he doesn’t know. Romaine gets sad prepping the show, the Pattersons may be getting a ranch dressing fountain, McDonald’s has a twitter hack, and WTF Florida man arrested for butt injections.

03.15.17- Beware The Ides Of Merch

Derek accidentally calls a celebrity, Romaine has a beef with city services, Derek and Romaine will be speaking at Google next week, RuPaul got married, twerking cop dies of brain cancer, Leah Remini is coming back with season two of Aftermath, the Pope continues to impress, BBC dad breaks his silence, Sunset Blvd. turns into a surprise for some DNR listeners, Rachel Maddow broke the internet, NYC is a mobbed up place, listeners weigh in on When We Rise, and guest Nyomi Banxxx dishes about favorite body parts.

03.14.17- No Time For Kissy Face

DNR has a snow day, Derek misses the shade bell, blizzard conditions update, an adorable snow shoveler and a girl who likes doing dishes, listener feedback is shady, Underground on WGN, Pat McCrory is having trouble getting a job, LA Pride will be a protest march this year, Grindr adds emojis, cops rescue kitten, Derek is sad about a lack of pizza, Romaine has a parking issue, Derek saw Logan this weekend, twine is hidden in plain sight, your sex toy might be spying on you, and Samuel L. Jackson not happy about a foreign actor in an American role.

03.13.17-The Show with No Name

Blizzard a’comin!, Derek’s mom rescues bees, Romaine has a Christmas tree update, Derek is living in a dream world, Romaine is treated like a queen, Derek finds an old recipe, strange lady presses all the DNR buttons, Adam from Sissytown sexually harasses a waiter, your microwave probably isn’t listening to you, Romaine is a truth teller, James Hewitt pulls a Maury and is NOT Prince Harry’s father, Derek digs deep into TV, Sabin is back in the mix and can’t work PayPal, ADD Jeff blew up our PayPal, Derek finally finishes When We Rise, Ivanka is Complicit according to SNL and tomorrow may be a snow day!

03.10.17- Derek Vs. Romaine

Derek has a customer service issue, Romaine has a Christmas tree update, Chicago holds up, Derek is slogging through When We Rise but loving Legion, My Dad Wrote A Porno podcast is a listener favorite, Romie has a snow day, Charlize Theron has a hot new movie coming out: Atomic Blonde, Richard Simmons had a welfare check, Tip That Ashley drops by the studio and needs some lesbian dating advice, Fire Island will be our new hate watch show this summer, and Last Call wraps up a fun week.

03.09.17- Romaine Might Be A Patsy

Arson trial catches fire, Derek had to stand, Romaine thinks it is Friday, people who talk to strangers are annoying, Derek thinks Romaine might be related to a famous singer, Survivor returned for a new all-star season, Celebrity Equinox tries to turn the beat around, a cruise ship murder mystery, Romaine hates podcasts, the christmas tree saga continues, Dr. Drew thinks George Michael had other underlying health issues, Romaine is interested in Scrotox, Taron Egerton makes eyes at Hugh Jackman, brothers get high and freak out, and a Sean Cody model goes crackers at the Cracker Barrel.