01.23.17- Emotional Support Chicken

DNR get a thoughtful gift, Derek is productive, Romaine has a quibble with Starbucks, Bachelor picks up the #FreeIris vibe, Knight Rider obsession, chickens come home to roost, Gears of War disappoints, more on Aftermath and Leah Remini, Women’s March takes the world by storm, Caroline Kennedy might be running for public office, SwingLeft.org can help at midterms, Paltrow wants you to put a Goop egg into your vagina, ping pong balls at Priscilla, Disneyland closes early for rain, and people need to leave Barron Trump alone.

01.20.17- Not Sending Their Breast

DNR have Secret Service code names, Romaine has avoided TV, Michelle Obama gets a gift, White House gets a five hour makeover, KellyAnne Conway wears a horrible outfit, Romaine wonders why there are so many bibles, turnout in DC was low, the inauguration concert was sad, Iris has employee problems, Romaine has a new gratitude list and a wig issue, Margot Robbie is Tonya Harding, excessive sitting can age you eight years, and Last Call ends the show.

01.19.17- Katie Kate Kates Is Here

Katie Kate Kates is in Studio A to kick off the show, listeners think Romaine killed Iris, giant alligator takes the internet by storm, DJ Lina Bradford drops by Studio A and talks about life In The Dollhouse, letters to the President, the West Wing upset Romaine, traffic ruins Romaine’s night, DNR are not morning people, Romaine is planning a pajama party, spicy food and alcohol is good for your health, Lindsay Lohan may have joined Islam, some people are skipping watching the inauguration, and a slew of callers wrap up the show.

01.18.17- Puking And Dying

#FreeIris, #PukingAndDying, Gears of War was also failing and dying, Derek is meaner than Romaine, critter chat: Romaine has a new critter in her yard and Derek identifies paw prints in the snow, Derek is mean and dark in social media, Derek burns his face, Hidden Figures and La La Land, Wyoming is back to backing bias, Will and Grace is coming back and Laura Kightlinger did a show Derek barely remembers.

01.17.17- Manning The Battle Stations

Fan Favorite! Derek’s mom alert! Derek is bitchy on video, we look ahead at the future of the LGBT community, Chelsea Manning is getting released, Barnum and Bailey is shutting down after 146, Derek’s mom calls in to tell us how she owned an elephant and what new thing she has learned about dogs, Derek has a snail encounter, an elephant sits on a car, Brian J. Moylan drops by Studio A to talk defunct media and gift wrapping, life as a santa, what’s hot on TV and some Oscar nomination predictions.

DNR Best Of show- 01.16.17- Yeehaw Junction!

Best Of Show From 12.09.16- Fan Favorite. Studio A is full of listeners, Romaine gets trapped in traffic, Derek’s phone dies, Romie is back in trouble, Dildo Whisperer call: anime porn, listener Brad pulls things out of random body parts, actor Colin Waitt talks Puffs and the Ali Forney scarf drive, Jocelyn Wildenstein stabs her boyfriend, DNR give away an if it fits it ships prize, DNR weekend plans involve Xbox gaming and an outrageous Last Call.

01.13.17- Fridonnay The Thirteenth

C-Span has a Russian issue, CMT’s Cody Alan comes out, Iris gets beat up, Joseph Fiennes won’t be playing Michael Jackson, Romaine is shotgunning the West Wing, Derek does Japanese, DNR take an awful road trip across country, the books we grew up on, kidnapped baby found 18 years later, DNA is full of surprises, Romaine never does anything nice for Derek, terrifying autonomous drones are coming, McNugget devolves into gun play, Romaine has a crush on a gay barista at Starbucks, Holiday vs. Houston vs. Hudson and Last Call.

01.12.17- Jack In The Crack

Fan Favorite! Derek gets called out, couple fights over grilled cheese sandwich, Derek wants a fancy seat, Taco Bell muscles in on Jack in the Box, man drives over police cars, Andrew Garfield and Stephen Colbert make out, Jackie Evancho and her sister Juliet defy expectations, Johnny Lazy drops by, Twinkies has a useless recall, Romaine is Thanksgiving, Derek starts in on Aftermath, Obama dog bites girl, One Day At A Time on Netflix, and Peter Thiel crashes in a car!

01.11.17- Urine Danger Girl!

DNR are headed to Walt Disney World, Trump subjected to urine rumor, Dana White calls Meryl Streep uppity and eighty, Sexpert: care and feeding of a Fleshjack, diversity doesn’t sell overseas, more holiday comparisons, WTF Florida man with tattoo of his mom beats his mom, man squirts his jiz on women at WalMart, Romie food fight, HGTV bingo, George Lucas announces a museum, the art of Disney, Vivica A. Fox in hot water with the gays, and Derek is nice at a Starbucks.

01.10.17- Manhattan In Your Mouth

DNR have some presents and other mail, Derek gets corrected, Romaine’s Christmas puppy is a big hit, vegetables are delicious, Hidden Fences gets a fake trailer, Kathryn gets kicked out, Carrie Fisher is buried in a Prozac pill, Iris has a sad birthday, Derek watches He Him Her, lesbians sleeping with straight guys, the Jack In The Box taco is a phenomenon. and Stanton in Austin is making a cocktail in his mouth.