DNR Fan Favorite Shows

Fan Favorite. Happy Anniversary! DNR hit a snag but Ryan in NE gets it worked out, Michael Lucas is retiring, Tony in LV has issues, Derek cries wolf, Billy in Philly freaks out, Ellen wants Kevin Hart to host the Oscars, wedding bells ring and banana pudding is served for Tiffany and Katie and Derek asks what they are packing, Romaine makes a run for the border, Hooker Hotline call from Craig in CA about therapist cruise advice, more Hooker Hotline parody calls, Happy Jack is a happy customer, Jeff in Palm Springs confronts Romaine about Mary Poppins and talks quiet cars, Marc in NJ is grateful to the listeners, Eric in Texas has FOMO, Golden Globes are this weekend, The Rock leaves Romaine wanting, Jay has some listener dish, Terry in AZ had a good listener meet up, DNR review the Globe movie nominations, Betty loved Outlander, Globe TV nominations, Madonna does a surprise show at Stonewall, anniversary calls, Britney Spears cancels Vegas, crazy lines for salad, and Last Call is full of fun.

DNR kick off with guest Telly Leung in Studio A talking playing Aladdin and covering Mariah, strange Christmas gifts, Derek deals with Christmas cookies, Chris in MA also has postal issues, Derek loses an old photo, Sir Laughs A Lot time shifts on being fifty and awkward first experiences, Tina calls the hooker hotline filled with gratitude, Chance reacts to the holiday card, Critter Chat about a fish on a plane, Jeff in Palm Springs talks Drag Race, Trey in Alabama talks Pineapple Princess, Chaz in Louisiana demands Glitter, Joshy Josh makes his monthly call about the Crystal Serenity, Into The Sideyverse, the Amazing Race, Survivor and the Favourite, Lynn Pinto and Steven Skeels drop by Studio A to talk about Carols For A Cure and skating in Starlight Express, the Elfster gift exchange has some stragglers, and Derek goes caroling.

Fan Favorite! Romaine is under the weather, DNR get some gifts, wife of pie, jug hoarders, hooker hotline call from Michael about show titles and Dennis Hensley's game, a shady hooker call, guest Chely Wright talks her website, shade bells, breakfast orders, singing the holidays, saying hello with your penis, and a song off the new EP, Iris gets serious about a messy work space, hooker hotline about the Christmas tree box, Derek explains a tech problem and talks IKEA, Derek fights Nazis, Timothy time shifts to long distance relationships, Billy in Philly talks immigration, Marc in MN time shifts on fluids, Tyler Perry pays it forward at Walmart, Jay has some medical advice, and Brent talks piles of water bottles.

Fan Favorite! Derek talks Instant Pot and air fryers, Brenda Vaccaro is a hot topic, Luke loves his air fryer, Armando talks Brenda too, Mike time shifts on Knickers the giant cow, Happy Jack also talks Knickers and Instant Pot, Kathy in OH talks Sherrod Brown, the train from hell and hiring a doula, Ben questions Knickers in a hammock, Don time shifts on Giving Tuesday, Derek wants six Jersey moms in a hammock, Romaine updates on her cat tree, Glenn in SJ talks shading your guests, Josh time shifts on some big news, Dovie Dove looks for Greg, Chance talks Manifest on NBC, Tony Tony Tony talks Instant Pot, Billy in Philly talks Instant Pot, Marc in NJ talks Manifest, Jeff in Palm Springs talks Instant Pot and Disney, Eric in TX talks Romaine's box, Jeff talks LA rain and Disney, guest Mr. Pam catches up with DNR about her world of porn at, P D Cam has a kinda hot cop on it, Romaine is happy Aftermath is back but is mad at the legal system, touch screens are disgusting, Jonathan talks dirty surfaces, and Payless fools some influencers.

T Day this year is for Taylor crossover! Our 2018 Thanksgiving special features Derek, Romaine and Taylor Strecker sharing holiday memories, drama and what they are thankful for. It's the thanksgiving treat you wish dinner with your family was! Gobble it up and enjoy!

Fan Favorite. Derek gets a disturbing picture, Romaine gets a warm cookie, Dovie Dove leaves a time shifter message, Kristie time shifter hotline call on Girl Scouts, Donny brings in the ghosts, Mark in MN hotline call on the Wisconsin election, Rob in Florida rambles on, Derek envisions 80s musicals, Chance likes the Marc Critter Chat open and time shifts on elections, Billy in Philly has a PhysEd memory of the Speaker, Romaine's critter chat about a wild buck, RBG is on the mend, Tyler in NorCal talks ranked voting and California wildfires, Nana has a critter chat about a spider that kills a car, Steven in Kokomo talks Flashdance musical, Derek fields a tech support call and Darren loves it, Waffle House has a surprise visitor drop in, Lady Bunny says she is in, WTF Florida gets a new open and the Iron Sheik is back, Imelda Marcos heads to jail, Romaine wants to check out early, Romie wants a day off, Michael C. Hall jumps on the fluid band wagon, Romaine deals with Mars and Jonathan calls in to help out, Chris questions Donny's skills, MIT wants to send a laser into space, and Last Call ends the show for the week.

Fan Favorite. Ben in Seattle has some feedback, Romaine has a door fail, Marc in NJ talks Bohemian Rhapsody, gay movies for straight people, Happy Jack gets caught up, Derek is a mess about Dan Hubbard, placebos may be coming to a doctor near you, new character comes out on Gray's Anatomy and so does the actor, we didn't start the fire, Romaine is still sick, I Voted stickers on your hole, man sues to change his birth date, Romaine gets excited about advent, our guest is still missing, Romaine is still into Empire, guest Billy Clift talks about his new documentary A Long Road To Freedom, Canada is out of pot, Jonathan in Nashville questions Florida and Georgia, and a last time shifter call ends the show.

Fan Favorite. DNR is a hot mess, anonymous criticism gets a response, out of control stereotypes, Derek deals with the heat, lesbian takes over the Bachelor, Romaine holds back but makes therapy worse, Delta flight attendant in hot water with porn star, Sir Laughs A Lot has thoughts about Romaine's therapy, Romaine talks Season of Giving, Gay and Non Gay host James Barr drops by Studio A, staying in touch with an ex, Love Island, bullying and being a ginger, co-host Dan Hudson joins by phone and talks heavy metal and shorts, time shifter hotline has Gael looking in a magic mirror and the soulless ginger talks shopping carts, Survivor talk ends the show.

Fan Favorite. Romie steps up at school, National Coming Out Day, Tony Tony Tony talks Desk Set, Charles in LA time shifts on math woes, Derek doesn't qualify, Eric in Portland talks coming out, listener hotline calls, man sells girlfriend on eBay, Billy in Philly has a critter chat about 7-11 wings, Gael has a critter chat about frogs roaches and bed bugs, Kansas teacher busted for sex with student, Romaine is a spy, Matthew Shepard to be interred at Washington National Cathedral, guest John Hennigan talks Slamtown on Survivor and being a professional wrestler, Natalie is a breakout star on Survivor, Anne Burrell is not a lesbian anymore, Virgin is planning an all LGBT flight for world pride, DNR makes a change to Great Smoky Weekend, and DNR talk about their favorite places.

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