DNR Fan Favorite Shows

Fan Favorite. DNR celebrates the holidays, listeners love recipes, Bryan Singer is in trouble now, Time Magazine has a short list for Man of the Year, lazy chair lift Romaine argues shopping carts, New Jersey holiday potluck, Iris strips down, Studio A welcomes Hedda Lettuce and pianist Rachel Kaufman and talks Mexico, outrageous TV movies and the return of the green tip, we'll have a shmoo Christmas, and Romaine doesn't have her act together.

Fan Favorite! DNR are back from Thanksgiving, Nathan is pro real whipped cream, up skirt cam action, Romaine's lazy Thanksgiving, Black Friday shopping, Christmas decorating, the Al Franken special, Jeopardy audition, Tournament of Champions was delicious, Prince Harry is engaged to Meghan Markle, Derek eats broken pie off the garage floor, Waffle House has strict rules, Romaine loves a holiday coffee drink, guest Dan McKernan from Barn Sanctuary talks animal rescue, Romaine has a Sabin celebrity update, foreclosure hits close to home, Derek gets a Bianca preview, Call Me By Your Name gets an LA listener meet up, Derek warns about dangerous memes, and Derek doesn't die from a dirty gutter.

Fan Favorite! Blake Shelton is the Sexiest Man Alive, Romaine refused to cross a free throw line, a new Starbucks has arrived, Derek has a baby meal, No Nut November disturbs Romaine, sex at someone else's house, Katie buys a mattress, guest Justin Loeber talks about his new book Get Out Of Your Own Way, Diana Ross loses a fanny pack at Marshall's, Australia is getting marriage equality, Season of Giving is going on, and Meghan Markle is likely to be leaving Suits after this current season.

Fan Favorite. Romaine is a sleepy creeper, the collection agency is open, a warm Patterson family Christmas is not on Romaine's agenda, Louis CK is accused of sexual impropriety, Critter Chat: Romaine gets clawed and the T-Rax was a slasher, CMA had a great song by Pink and Carrie Underwood did a Randy Rainbow parody, guest Drew Droege talks Bright Colors and Bold Patterns, performing in front of his parents, the new Heathers TV show, the Golden Girls Live, the Homecoming Queen's Got A Gun and being directed by Michael Urie, self driving cars come to Phoenix and a van crashes in Vegas, Taylor Swift is the center of the drama and lashing out at Perez HIlton, JB is the new head of HR, Paris Hilton is a music icon, Out 100 list is out and Derek has mixed feelings, and Romaine reviews Thor.

Fan Favorite. Derek deals with panic, Taylor Swift delivers some shade, time shifting about Popeyes, Derek deals with standby, Romaine is a mess, TyJack defends himself, Romaine is doing some self care, Derek prevents a cult, catfish has a happy ending, a porn model is stupid, Uranus was beautiful last night, Montana makes a bad dirty martini, cheap lesbian Brad has some cooking tips, KFC follows the right 11 accounts on Twitter, Critter Chat: bunny fever and CA says no to puppy mills, Cleveland State University has anti-gay posters, Big Mouth on Netflix upsets Christian parents, leaving the house can make you happier, Mychael Knight RIP, Playboy has a transgender playmate and Last Call closes out a great week of shows.

Fan Favorite! Derek has a late night, a suppressive person will be surprised by Dollywood, Derek visits the set of Hurricane Bianca, a cockroach becomes a star, Critter Chat: cats are unhappy, a plant dies and a bunny sleeps, Austin from Jeopardy is very divisive, a drunk bitch is afraid of a spider at the Matterhorn, guest porn legend Ron Jeremy plays the harmonica, talks about directing, falling asleep in public, Dennis Hof from the Bunny Ranch, playing a bad gay date, the Boy Scouts will start admitting girls, Queen Elizabeth won't walk backwards down the stairs, Yellowstone super volcano might explode faster than expected, Romaine is being tortured by Shmoo, WTF Florida: AirBNB couple gets filmed by a smoke detector, and we remember Matthew Shepard.

Fan Favorite! Studio A has listeners in studio avoiding pickpockets and sketchy sidewalks, listener Chris has a personal fat berg story, Survivor Sucks Dan needs shingles, Romaine thinks about PJs, Derek spots an interesting t-shirt, CraigsList ad for hurricane companion, Gael reveals a number, a kid mows the White House lawn, Romaine has a clean house, Rapunzel syndrome is sad, Xmas may be in New Jersey, Romaine doesn't want to be helpful, baby shmoo, Josh Duhamel and Fergie break up, Rosie's ex Michelle Rounds dies, your sex robot may kill you, the Amish move slowly into the 21st century, Romaine tries to pick better friends, hot plans for the weekend and Last Call ends a fun show.

Fan Favorite! DNR are not ready, Jennifer Garner sobs about Hamilton, Romaine is a busy mess, Derek is brutalized, Romaine has a date and sells a car, Critter Chat: James eats a hat, Derek is glued together, London has a huge fatberg, Martin Shkreli goes back to jail for wanting a lock of Hillary Clinton's hair, Meet The Intern: Gwyn from Utah brings a deep dive on gender, and Katie is robbed.

Fan Favorite. Justin Bieber is injured, Derek has a long dramatic walk home, Lux Suicide and Josh Accardo deal with disturbing direct messages, dick pics and comedy, Derek dreams of another listener and it is all about scrappy street fighting, Shooter is a feminist show, Romaine finalizes her weekend plans, Brian J. Moylan has been traveling, talks stripper underwear, Fire Island rocks Fire Island, Drag Race scrapes the bottom of the barrel, Romaine's family is a mess, Big Brother has been wild, Game of Thrones doesn't have enough D, and Joel Osteen is a terrible person.

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