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Welcome to the DNR 2.0 Audio Archive. You can download files here to listen on the go. This is for those of you who want to hear each show but are concerned about using cellular data or are occasionally in places where you don’t get signal.

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Derek moderates a Q&A with Todrick Hall, Romaine has a quiet night, Romie has a missing sock situation and a french fry throwing problem, WTF Florida mayor has parking issues, Critter Chat: spiders could eat us all, squirrel pie update, Team Well Strung is on the new season of The Amazing Race, California is on fire, comparing fan bases, planning a DNRV trip, Dream Boat is on Netflix now, Sheronda checks in from the fire in LA, Cambridge News prints blank headline, and Survivor talk in the last tin minutes.

Derek scars up his face, Stanton in Austin has some shade, Derek will moderate a Q&A with Todrick Hall tonight for his documentary Behind The Curtain, a listener dreams of Derek, Romaine gets into a cookie exchange, Beau in LA is getting smoked out, intern program update, Oprah is selling OWN, SCOTUS hears arguments on gay wedding cakes and Martha Stewart weighs in, Time Magazine picks Silence Breakers as their Person of the Year, being out at work, Critter Chat: a dog disrupts Cats, high school football players smooch it out, Russia has been uninvited to the Winter Olympics, Derek is worried about the Middle East, more tea is spilled about Hurricane Bianca, and Romaine shamelessly plugs the Season of Giving in the final minute of the show.

Derek makes an apology to a listener, Princess Anne of Boston has a Scientology update, Ryan in AZ is all at sea, Gael is grateful for her elfster, Steve time shifts on food, Derek's sister is too liberal, Romaine's family is having Christmas with strangers, Pierre in MO celebrates alone, Derek rediscovers the penny can, Critter Chat: drunk opossum and hungry spiders, defensive driving gets some time shifts, Derek has a late night deer encounter, guests in Studio A Chris Crisco and porn performer Beau Reed talk tattoos, being goal oriented, starting in the deep end and the outrageous DNR excursion to Mazatlan, Romaine updates her butt pillow, traumatic school bus update, Romaine gets a present, Derek is not faster than Google, Romaine has made a nice list, and Matt needs rats.

Fan Favorite. DNR celebrates the holidays, listeners love recipes, Bryan Singer is in trouble now, Time Magazine has a short list for Man of the Year, lazy chair lift Romaine argues shopping carts, New Jersey holiday potluck, Iris strips down, Studio A welcomes Hedda Lettuce and pianist Rachel Kaufman and talks Mexico, outrageous TV movies and the return of the green tip, we'll have a shmoo Christmas, and Romaine doesn't have her act together.

On this Episode of ASS Matt Martin joins us as co-host once again. We hit hard pressed issues like the Starbucks Holiday Cup controversy, as well as: a naked intruder, a Disney Character coming out, and Blake Shelton being the Sexiest Man of the Year. In the second half of the show, Tom Saglimbeni, Nurse Practitioner and Fitness Trainer, joins us to talk about what gay people should do to keep themselves healthy.

LGBT entrepreneurs are profiled on this week's Business Spotlight, brought to you by Admark360 Join The Focus Group this week for The LGBT Business Spotlight brought to you by Admark360. Brian Roman profiles three varied businesses where each person left the comforts of corporate America and started their own venture. But first, Tim and John wish a Happy Business Birthday to Patrick Byrne from and Eugene Polley the inventor of the tv remote. John plays with a demonic Santa and Tim thinks eating Birthday Cake Oreos has a side benefit.

Derek has his day in court, Romaine has a tech woe, Michael Flynn pleads guilty, Romaine has a new hockey buddy, glitter is bad for the environment, Vegas has a hockey team, Romaine needs a recipe for a party, guest Kristine W calls in from horrible traffic to talk skating with the stars, and Last Call ends a great show.

Rob in NJ time shifts about yesterday, Romaine is a morning crab, Ryan in AZ has a birthday, Billy in Philly thinks Romaine has a great life, Matt calls in from the laundry room with a rebuttal, Iris watches a Korean soap opera, watching TV as a couple, Survivor talk at the end of the first hour, guest Max Vernon drops by to talk Art Attack Foundation concert, collaborating on a big show, sharing a peach with your mom, Derek has a court date tomorrow, Starbucks updates their red cup, LowGear raves about Survivor and the Long Way Home and Godless, Richie is disappointed by In N Out, Happy Jack is confused, and Romaine has a reminder about our continuing password woes.

Derek has a strange dream, Romaine gets into hockey, Derek can't remember an address, Romaine gets some dirty pillows, Derek has a family dinner, Matt Lauer and Garrison Keiller get fired, being an artist may or may not be a good career, one third of all jobs will be gone by 2030, prison might be good for Romie Pie Pants, Derek's mom is a joiner, ADD Jeff is still missing, Melania decorates for the holidays, DFA: Jeff hates the holiday decorates in his complex, Derek is in the Christmas spirit, Romie has big Christmas demands, Chinese shipping delays our fun, flat earth guy wants to fire himself off in a rocket, Romaine doesn't want to go to the moon, and the Frozen short at Coco is pissing people off.

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