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2017 is the year of... Traffic Tickets for our dear Romaine and Derek. Catch up on their drama of ticket and court appearances and other fun moments. Then hear our interviews with Mia Isabella, Valentina Mia, and McKenzie Westmore.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving with your extended family!! Hear some of our recent stories and topics about the DNR family!! With Derek, Romaine, Katie, Jeff, Iris, Sabina, Roommate Mike, and Derek's Mom- of course!

Get ready for Thanksgiving by giving thanks!! Listen back to some our our Intern shows on DNR! You'll hear from the people that your donations have directly affected this year. Thanks to your donations in the Season of Giving, we were able to teach, pay, and help Orlando, Lexxie, JayBee, and Gwyn!!

Dirty hands, Thanksgiving plans, Derek gets greasy, Romaine is a ball sack, Derek has a pie dilemma, Romaine turns our staff into guinea pigs, Macy's requires a Santa reservation now, listener Gary getting excited for Miami, guest Ed Salvato from Man About World is with us to talk gay travel, Derek loses a tooth, Season of Giving update, classic DNR moment, DNR deal with drilling for the holidays, classic DNR critter chat, and the drilling stops in time for Last Call.

More Perfect podcast, Justice League blows, 6/9 Club was out of control on Friday night, Romaine has to be an adult against her will, Derek's mom calls in with a story, Charlie Manson RIP, guests Lynn Pinto and NaTasha Yvette Williams talk Broadway's Carols For A Cure, Derek's niece auditions, award season fever, Charlie Rose gets suspended, Jeffrey Tambor quits Transparent.

On today's ASS, co-host Ryan Frostig is with us. We talk about how Charlie Hunnam has a 12in penis, Marky Mark prays for forgiveness for doing Boogie Nights, Moscino Dress is a Dry cleaning bag, Gay twitter freaks out about Grindr outage, 17 ways to tell your Straight friend is Gay Curious, Church apologizes for swallowing sign, Cow goes swimming, Supect farts during Interrogation, and also it's JB'S last show with us. Then guest Comedian Robin Fox comes to the studio.

The Focus Group recommends ending the 8-hour work day for creative professions. Listen, laugh, and learn this week with Tim and John as they address company boycotts based on celebrity, procrastination, gender neutral public announcements, and the lady things of Jimmy Choo. Robbie Rogers retires and Walmart gets dinged on the HRC Corporate Equality Index for 2018. In Shop Talk, the 8-hour work day is explored and while necessary in some professions, it is outdated for creative types. As John said, "I never came up with a great ad campaign sitting behind a desk!" By focusing on putting in the hours at work, rather than putting in the quality of work, we run the risk stifling creativity and imagination. We're all business. Except when we're not.

DNR twins, Susie picks up bad habits from the show, JD calls in to defend himself, sex at work ensnares an Ohio legislator, Tony in Vegas is having a meet up, Romaine gets a thoughtful gift, people stream shows in public toilets, Derek updates his passport, new styles in the DNR shop, how big is Romaine's hole, Romaine becomes a responsible adult, Titanic is back in theaters for the 20th anniversary, Starbucks has a gay problem with the new red cup, Ron Jeremy is also accused, Aftermath continues to roll out the drama, Navy pilot sky writes a penis in the air, Tesla wants to make an automated semi truck, Ryan in CT checks in, Kathy Griffin comes for Andy Cohen again, Romaine is engaged, scientist performs head transplant, and Last Call ends the show.

Derek is excited about the Jeopardy Tournament of Champions, Romaine is curious about a professional lesbian, Charles Manson might be about to die, DiVinci painting sells for $450 million, Katie gives a mattress update, a surprise gay face pops by, DNR elfster gift exchange update, Al Franken latest to be accused of sexual harassment and Sly Stallone also in trouble, doughy bodies, Melissa Etheridge legal trouble update, Season of Giving, Taylor Swift is a best seller, DNR refuse to watch This Is Us, Romaine is mad about Survivor and Aftermath, cheap beer, and Encore reunites high school musical casts.

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