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Welcome to the DNR 2.0 Audio Archive. You can download files here to listen on the go. This is for those of you who want to hear each show but are concerned about using cellular data or are occasionally in places where you don’t get signal.

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Derek has an awkward movie popcorn encounter, #OscarsSoWhite has DNR buzzing about diversity in Hollywood, Romaine is raving about Showtime's Billions and DNR have some Critter Chat adventures.

It's MLK Day and DNR are live. Derek and Romaine discuss the most recent Dem Debate, Romaine has an adventure at IKEA and Derek goes to the movies to see Sisters. RIP Glenn Frey

In a DNR 2.0 first, Derek and Romaine take your phone calls, Derek recaps the highs and lows of the most recent GOP debate and Romaine has an update on the Grumpy Kitty Lady at her local Starbucks. RIP Dan Haggerty!

FAN FAVORITE EPISODE. Oscar nominations are announced, ADD Jeff donates a kidney, an old DNR friend becomes a hit songwriter and DNR try out the new show Second Chances on FOX.

FAN FAVORITE EPISODE: Derek has some snowy mysteries, Romaine is nice to her wife (and her wife is nice right back), the listeners weigh in for #DFA and it's award season as DNR talk about The Razzies.

Our show mascot Jeffy the frog dies in a pet mystery, Derek knows how to defeat Trump, Romie is in fat trouble at school, Kim Davis resurfaces at the State of the Union and Zsa Zsa Gabor is still alive!

Monday's are fun days with DNR. We recap our weekends, dish about your favorite stars on the Golden Globes and break some news about Madonna and Sean Penn dating(?) and actor Charlie Carver coming out!

Week One, Day Five: Chaos opens a show fills with laughs and a roller coaster of emotions with Derek's commuter woes, Channing Tatum dancing it out, remembering Jackie Collins and Romaine's swinger friends! (CLICK EPISODE TITLE TO DOWNLOAD NOW)

FAN FAVORITE EPISODE. Week One, Day Four: Our best show yet! This one went off without a hitch with fall cruise memories, awkward stranger deaths, grumpy cat lady at Starbucks and Powerball dreams! (CLICK EPISODE TITLE TO DOWNLOAD NOW)

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