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During the DNR Live show on June 6 2017, titled “Rainy Romaine And The Sad Sea World Dance Party”

Romaine was describing her “family full of dummies” to Derek [timecode 38:30]. Eventually she gets to a story about a private party at SeaWorld that she attended with her brother John and sister Sabina [timecode 50:50]. Romaine reminisces angrily about a small group of 20 at the party who were surrounding a boom box, when a lame dance party with them broke out, in the rain. She goes on to describe how John decided to rip her poncho off her body which made her so damn angry. Finally [timecode 54:40] Romaine comments about how she was in a dark place after DNR lost their jobs, and she just wanted to have a good time at SeaWorld but her siblings made sure that didn’t happen. Romaine comments “they wouldn’t even let me go see Shmoo, or Shamu or whatever the fuck that whale’s name is.”

And therein lies the origins of the new catchphrase: #Shmoo
Sometimes incorrectly spelled: Schmoo

Download the episode from our Archives here: DNR-Live 06.28.17

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We have thousands of subscribers, with an extremely low churn rate. Very few people cancel.

There were a handful of people that got frustrated early on with tech issues, and especially in the first month before we had the easy downloads/streaming through the Podcast Apps.

Since our show has been available via Podcast Apps, during our first summer, we have been pretty error free around here and while it still takes convincing for people to try adding the show to the Podcast Apps, once they finally do, they love it.

The biggest reason people cancel is when they lose a job, but we do have gift subscriptions listeners have bought specifically for us to give to people who want to listen but can’t afford it, because we never want the money to be the barrier for people enjoying the show.

Obviously we need the money to stay in business, but there are ways to make it work if we all work together.

We did have three or four Trump supporters who weren’t happy and a couple did actually cancel after the election but I know of at least two that have come back into the fold since then! So no permanent damage there.

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Derek and Romaine airs live on weekdays from 5-7pm ET/2-4pm PT.

The show airs on the DNR Live digital streaming channel 24/7. After the live two hour show airs on the DNR Live channel, it replays continuously for the next 22 hours until the next live show.

The DNR Live digital streaming channel can be found on the website by clicking the DNR Live link.

The DNR Live digital streaming channel will also appear in the Library > Shows > My Episodes section of the iOS11 Podcast App on the iPhone, after the show is added to iTunes using the Private URL included with your subscription. Find your Private URL by clicking the Account link on our website menu, then scrolling down to “Private URL for Podcast Apps”.

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Logged in subscribers can always post here in The Center > Forums/Message Board  or in the Derek and Romaine Group on Facebook. If you would like to hear your comments on the show, email with the subject line: Timeshifter and we will try to read your email on the air.

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As our tag line states, “We’re not for everyone but we are for you!” And you can be whoever you are. We do have many straight listeners and allies! We want anyone who wants to listen to the show to feel welcome and encouraged to do so. DNR covers many topics that are often not even LGBT related, and anyone can identify with.

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If you want to learn about who we are and our history, or send it to someone, simply scroll to the bottom of our website and look for the footer navigation. Hit the About Derek and Romaine menu link.

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  1. Please Don’t Stalk OR Clone Us (in person or by proxy)
  2. We do the drinking…You do the driving.
  3. Turn your radio down. (we don’t want to hear our own voice)
  4. DON’T ask us how we are doing, what’s up or what’s going on…!!!!
  5. We are not for everyone. We are for YOU!
  6. Send Romaine Presents (especially on her birthday Mar. 31). Don’t send Derek Presents (Oct. 28).
  8. PLEASE Don’t Sue Us…
  9. NO SPOILERS! (don’t update us on TV stuff — we HAVE TiVo!)
  10. Don’t expect us to remember… ANYONE or ANYTHING at ANYTIME!
  11. bok, bok, bok, bok…
  12. If you ask or beg for something, the answer is F#@K NO!
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It’s really personal preference. If you want to be in Video Chat during the Live show, it’s easier to go to and play the live show from the web page. It actually is played from our Streaming provider, so we are not paying website data charges for those playing through the website.

Also typically if you are playing through the website, you are probably at home or work with a consistent Internet connection.

If you are playing from the website and you are playing the Live show, but hearing an old show, then it’s time to Clear your Cache & Cookies.

If you are on a smartphone and traveling, you are best playing the Live show from a Podcast App.

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We are working with our streaming company “StreamGuys” on building an Alexa skill that will allow you to hear our daily live shows – but this is not yet available and there is no ETA.

However a skill is currently available that will allow you to hear our live Special Programming shows including the Adam Sank Show (#ASS) and The Focus Group. In addition, you can hear special Derek and Romaine show favorites.

First, get our existing DNR Skill on Amazon

Once you’ve enabled the skill, say “Alexa, open DNR”, then follow the prompts from there.

You can also say “Alexa, tell DNR…”

  • “To listen live.”
  • “To play Derek and Romaine.”
  • “To hear the Adam Sank Show.”
  • “To hear the Focus Group”

For instructions on interacting with this skill, say “help.”

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Sign up for any of our mailing lists via our website:

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We have received good feedback about the ASS (Adam Sank Show) as well as Focus Group appearance and other guest hosts. And we are building toward additional Special Programming but delivered through a new brand. However, we are still working out exactly what we will run, how often, the length of episodes, etc. So short answer: we will be featuring more additional programming however, it may not be consistently delivered every week or even at the same time each week as we work through the best combinations. Still a work in progress.

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