Get Lost With the All-New DNR 2.0!

We are nearing the end of the first month since we struck out on our own and launched a new audio streaming service. People were very upset when our show was cancelled last year after 12 years in satellite radio, so we pulled a new show together so that our loyal listeners could continue to enjoy Derek and Romaine live every weekday again.

Those who subscribed early have been rewarded with a roller coaster of emotions and chaos that have added a delicious dimension to the proceedings. But they also have had the ability to hear DNR on their morning commute again or at home while cooking dinner.┬áThe new show sounds great and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Your favorite callers (Stanton in Austin, Bobby in TN, Trucker Gitty, etc) and guests (comedian Adam Sank) are back. The show can be streamed at home, work or through your phone in your car, boat or airplane. Or you can download the shows in our Audio Archives and take them with you anywhere to listen to anytime. Well… all except one.

On Wednesday of this week, we did a great show filled with lively discussions, phone calls from some of your favorite callers and a conversation with Genevieve LeJeune, founder of the sexy women-only party Skirt Club. But after the live show ended, we discovered that not only did our main recording of the show fail but our back-up failed to record too. So the whole two hours was lost to the ages! Or was it?

Working from our extensive show notes, we got together on Thursday and recreated the whole two hours in a 20 minute highlight show. So if you are already a subscriber and you missed the live show on Wednesday, take a listen to get all caught up. If you aren’t a subscriber, take a free listen to what you have been missing. And sign up today.

For just $6.95/month (less if you sign up for a three month or annual subscription), you’ll get hours of live streaming Derek and Romaine on your weekdays and access to our show archive already filled with dozens of hours of great shows. It’s an amazing deal!


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