Meet The Intern – JB

Oh look it’s one of the DNR interns, what’s his name. “I think it’s BJ”, “Maybe CJ”, “Oh I remember it’s TJ”. Ewwww, no the name is JayBee and I’m the bad intern here. I got this sweet little internship from the Ali Forney Center LEAP program.

Little something about me I’m 24 years of age (maybe). I got my Associates in Science (which is a fancy way of saying theater) from BMCC I have done theater for about 3 years mostly light designing and stage managing. (Yes I’m a lesbian, no I’m really gay). I did very little in the sound design field but the little I know is helping me go a long way.

By working with the Derek, Romaine and Katie, I’m hoping they will hire me as their board operator like they have no idea how much I love board, well to be honest I love messing with the board and playing with the dials and all the button, kind of makes me feel like I’m a DJ. They have this thing called intern shows where the intern takes the show. But like I don’t really want to host just leave my mic on and let me put in my two cents once-in-a-while and run the board, you know.

I never thought a radio show would be this much fun to work at it has me thinking about a career in the field, maybe if they don’t hire me they can at least set me up with someone (I know these bitches got the connections they need to give up the deets.) I also never thought I would enjoy a regular talk show on the radio, like for me I need music to keep me entertained but thanks to this internship I get to learn a lot more about radio and things I like.

This has been a wonderful journey so far and can only get better from here J.


Working directly with the Ali Forney Center, we provide a paid internship program to homeless LGBT youth in a dynamic digital media workspace. Our internship not only provides 21st century job skills, we also provide real world work experience to help launch our interns into the world of business. Many of the LGBT youth we work with have limited prior experience. Ali Forney helps prepare them for jobs with resume assistance, interview tips, professional attire and more. The internship itself provides practical experience in an office environment, a stipend and meal allowance. And support for people like you makes it all possible.

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