Meet The Intern – Lexxie

You hear about them all the time and catch them on weekends with the intern show Sip On This. Now get to know them a little better, in their own words. Meet Lexxie:

Wassup, everyone it’s Lexxie the intern here, blessing you with my presence. To start off with this blog thingy…… I never did this before so don’t laugh!!!! Hey, I said don’t fucking laugh at me……lol JK, but hey we’ll get through this together right?

Well to start this off I’m a 21-year-old mixed/mutt. Yes, mutt I’m Dominican and Trinidadian some people call me triminican. I have a CNA license (for those who don’t know what CNA means its Certified Nursing Asst.) I’m going to college for acting soon I just don’t know where yet I’m still thinking about which one. I want to also become a surgeon so maybe I’ll be on gray’s anatomy or maybe saving hope but hopefully gray’s anatomy.

I was born in Brooklyn, New York (where Brooklyn at though wassup) I love cooking, cleaning, reading, and living life. I love being the “nicest person on earth” I stay away and try… and I do mean try, to stay out of drama but I ended up kind of losing control just because someone did something wrong 2 me. So yeah u get both I really don’t hide anything from my life I’ll answer any question that anybody has.

Being at DNR with Derek and Romaine and Katie is the best. Derek is the Queen of shade while romaine is the real man in the DNR Show. Then we have Katie who I have the most and I do mean up most respect for. Not only do they take their time with helping you they don’t rush you with stuff that you are working on.  You know Derek and Romaine are crazy as hell but I’ve dealt with worse I really don’t mind it, but I am not going to lie, when I found out this DNR show talked about shade all I said was “I am a tree and all I do is grow…and use my braches to throw shade.”

When this internship is over I will take what I learned and do great things with it. I might even do my own show thanks to Derek and Romaine. But I do know if It wasn’t for Derek, Romaine, and Katie I would have never gotten a chance to do this. Now I feel like the doors are opening but I got to get into school first. So, wish me luck because I am gonna be a STAR BITCHES!!!!!!


We are proud to partner with the Ali Forney Center and The Center to offer this paid internship program to provide critical job skills and develop the next generation of digital media professionals. To learn more about our paid internship program and to support our internship program and other Studio A projects, check out our Season of Giving page.

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