Meet The Intern – Vinus

SOOO guys…ummmmm…. I don’t know what to say because my life is pretty boring.
WELL let’s see I’m just a regular gyal from The Bronx..I know a lot of people talk so much shit about the Bronx but it’s actually not that bad, just like everywhere else, it has A GOOD and A BAD side to it. So that’s me ( Just pretend they’re arrows pointing at the bottom)

Growing up in the Bronx as a LGBT person it wasn’t as difficult, because I guess I was mostly invisible to many people. Growing up as a LGBTQ person came with high and low in my life, My Low mostly came from my home more than on the street. I was actually suffering more living at home then on the street, My whole high school year became my home.

I then discovered I love cosmetic stuff you know hair, makeup, nails etc, The makeup world took over when I was in high school but I never had the courage to do any kind of video of my makeup or hair because I was not comfortable with myself for a long time also I was just waiting for the perfect time, But something I have learned being around Derek and Romaine and listening to them was it never a perfect time for anything.

So thank you to the ali forney center for introducing me to this wonderful radio station and meeting amazing people that have dreams and never give up, no matter what the circumstance, they are always looking for the best side. I guess my dream is to be in the social media environment but I was always scared about everything but Romaine and Derek made that feeling go away. So from here it is just going to get better!

Thank you Katie for having patience with me and everyone else when I BECOME Famous one day I will shout out you guys (LOL) LOVE Vinus


Working directly with the Ali Forney Center, we provide a paid internship program to homeless LGBT youth in a dynamic digital media workspace. Our internship not only provides 21st century job skills, we also provide real world work experience to help launch our interns into the world of business. Many of the LGBT youth we work with have limited prior experience. Ali Forney helps prepare them for jobs with resume assistance, interview tips, professional attire and more. The internship itself provides practical experience in an office environment, a stipend and meal allowance. And support for people like you makes it all possible.

To support our internship program, you can click here to donate.


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