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DNR Podcast Ep. 5: Halloween Costumes and More Spooky Fun
Catch up with Derek and Romaine with their latest podcast. Find out what life has been like since their radio
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Podcast: Derek Takes On The CNN Democrat Debate
As you know, we didn’t cover politics much on the old show. It was near the end of the day.
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We Are Coming Back In 2016!
First of all, thank you! Thank you for joining us on an incredible journey for more than twelve years. Our
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DNR Podcast Ep. 4: Wrap Room Chat
Back after our adventures in California, Derek and Romaine hang out in Derek’s wrap room to talk about how the
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DNR Podcast Ep. 3: At Gay Days Anaheim
For our first podcast together in the same room, we went to our favorite place: Disneyland. Take a listen as
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Derek Podcast Ep. 7: On Trend For Fall
Been missing Derek’s opinions on the world around you? Wanting to catch up on his daily life? Look no further
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