RIP OutQ: 2003 -2016 posted this gossip item from Michael Musto this morning declaring that OutQ has been cancelled.

On April 14, 2003, then Sirius Satellite Radio launched OutQ, the first original talk channel in the company’s history. Derek and Romaine, hosted by Derek Hartley and Romaine Patterson was among the shows that launched that first day and was the last of the original shows on the channel when it was cancelled on June 17th of last year. Derek and Romaine now host their own live streaming audio service through their website

“Nothing lasts forever in media, but this loss is hard for me personally. More than just a radio channel, OutQ was a way for people both within and outside the LGBT community to feel connected, be entertained and informed.” says former host Derek Hartley. “While the larger LGBT community is closer every day to full equality in this country, I believe there is still a need for our unique perspectives to be heard and our issues addressed. Even after our show was cancelled, I still hoped the channel could continue for the sake of the listeners, the commuters, the truckers, everyone that depended on it.”

“It’s a sad day,” adds Romaine Patterson, “We spent more than 12 years building and serving a community. And in that time, what we created was more than a radio audience, it was a family. It’s why we have continued to do our show on our own. The listeners demanded it. There is a need out there for this kind of programming, for this level of connection and engagement.”

“While it is gratifying and hopeful for new generations to see LGBT celebrities on TV or magazine covers, this visibility can leave the false impression among straight people that all barriers to LGBT success have broken down,” Derek Hartley adds, “Discrimination and violence persists against the LGBT community and now there is one less avenue for these stories to be told or these voices to be heard. By continuing our show online, we hope to both entertain and inform our former OutQ listeners as well as bring in new people to engage with in our own unique way.”

Says Romaine Patterson “Many people probably believed that OutQ was just a channel for LGBT people but so many straight people with gay friends, or lesbian co-workers or transgender children would tune into the channel, often covertly, to better understand the LGBT community. Now when a parent suspects that their child might be gay, where will they go for advice and understanding? Dr. Laura? The options are just more limited now.”

“We miss many of our old friends behind the scenes at SiriusXM and wish only the best for Frank and Doria in whatever they decide to do next,” says Derek, with Romaine echoing the sentiment, “We love Frank and Doria. Hopefully they will do what we did and keep the show going.”

You can hear Derek and Romaine live every weekday from 5-7pm ET/2-4pm PT on and repeating around the clock through their streaming audio channel. More than 50 hours of archives are also available for download to listen to anytime, anywhere. A free two day trial is available for new subscriptions at

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  1. Christian April 16, 2016 at 8:51 am #

    Getting rid of Sirius in my truck when my subscription expires this summer and will be letting them know why (not that they care).

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