[Resolved] Can't Add Podcast with Private URL (Android)

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      1) My device type (iPhone/iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, etc): Android

      2) My firmware version (if known): 8.0.0

      3) What web browser and version are you using: Chrome/Safari (latest) Google Podcast App

      4) Was there a specific error displayed? (cannot open website) (no podcast found)

      5) Did a series of steps seem to lead to the issue? Please describe: Clicking the private url does not open my podcast app or add it immediately. Copying and pasting the private url in the search bar of the podcast app also does not work.

      6) Can you possibly create a screen capture of the issue and post it? no

      7) Describe the question or issue that you have with your web browser: Google Podcast app, and Pocket Cast do not respond to manual or automatic adds of the show. The Podcast exists as something I can subscribe to, but all the episodes are old and it does not allow me to put in my private key to gain access to the daily shows.



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      The private URL that is on the site, when you click it, starts with: podcast:// (similar to how a website starts with http:// or https://)

      The reason we use podcast:// is because most people use the Apple Podcast App on their iPhones, and podcast:// tells iOS on iPhones to open the podcast app and subscribe to the URL.

      However many other Android Podcast players and even some Apple Podcast players (that are not as popular), may not know what to do with: podcast://

      This is probably what is happening to you.

      My suggestion is to copy and paste the full Private URL link into your subscription space on your app, but then before hitting ENTER, backspace over the podcast:// and change it to: https:// but leave everything else the same.

      Sorry for the confusion!


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