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      1) My device type (iPhone/iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, etc): android

      2) My firmware version (if known): 7.0

      3) What web browser and version are you using: Chrome on my Samsung gs8

      4) Was there a specific error displayed?

      The download button has disappeared for the two shows that have been posted since Tuesday.

      5) Did a series of steps seem to lead to the issue? Please describe:

      6) Can you possibly create a screen capture of the issue and post it?

      See attached. I can download the show from 1/15 but nothing after that.

      7) Describe the question or issue that you have with your web browser.

      I go to the audio archives every morning and download the previous days show. Has always worked great until 1/16 and 1/17. The button click, to actually download the show, is not appearing. I’ve cleared my browser history, logged in and out, cleared my cache/cookies, restarted my phone, and still nothing.

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      Additional screenshot.

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      One more. Couldn’t seem to get them all in to the same post.

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      I was able to download both without a problem. Currently on a Mac using Firefox.

      I remember Romaine talking on air about a problem she had last week. I’m assuming you found it at the same time. But she may have fixed it since then.

      Have you tried again recently?


Viewing 3 reply threads
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