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    LifeVoyager and Don J,

    If trying to listen from the website, you must first LOGIN to the website, in order to see the green “Derek and Romaine” graphic box, which is where the “Live Broadcast” is actually played from (I realize we need to clarify this).

    If you see the “Login/Register” link at the very top of your browser, in the menu with the dark blue background, then you are NOT logged in. Click the LOGIN link to login.

    Then, you should be able to click the “DNR Live Show” link in that same menu, and THEN you’ll see the green box, where the Live Show is broadcast.

    Also, to find your Private URL, again you must first be logged in. Then go to the “Account” link – then scroll to the bottom of the Account page, where you will find your Member/Private URL.

    I hope that helps.


    Darren Nye
    Your DNR Tech guy
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    I’m also on an iPhone8 and was on 11.0.3, and just upgraded to 11.1.

    The only time I can’t get the live show to play, is when I’m in an area with poor connectivity. I need at least a 4G signal with 3 bars, to play it reliably. An LTE connection with 1 or 2 bars, works better than a 4G connection. I never have a problem playing it at home on wifi.

    Unfortunately I don’t know what to suggest to you, as you said you can play it, only if you delete the subscription and re-subscribe. So I guess that gets you one play?

    When you say you can’t play it, do you mean you do SEE the “DNR LIVE STREAMING SHOW” and it just will not play, or you cannot FIND the “DNR LIVE STREAMING SHOW”?

    With IOS 11, the easiest way to FIND the DNR LIVE STREAMING SHOW, is to click “Library” then the DNR logo, then “Shows” then scroll to the very bottom and click the “Available Episodes” link. You will then see DNR LIVE STREAMING SHOW at the top of the Available Episodes list.

    I’m not sure if any of this helps?


    Darren Nye
    Your DNR Tech guy
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    Don J

    I’m having the same issue.  I have not been able to listen to the live show for a couple weeks now.  I deleted DNR to Plano podcast and then tried to find the link for my personal URL and I cannot find anywhere on my iPhone browser .  My MacBook got stolen so I’m not able to do it that way the only choice I have is to do it through my iPhone please help us all !

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    Help I’m on iPhone 7 ios 11.03

    i keep signing in using safari but can’t find live show… when I click on the live link in the upper left corner…the page I get has nothing for hearing it ??

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    1) My device type (iPhone/iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, etc): iphone8 and podcast app

    2) My firmware version (if known):

    3) What web browser and version are you using: safari

    4) Was there a specific error displayed? Episode Unavailable.  This episode is temporarily unavailable from “Derek and Romaine 2.0”

    5) Did a series of steps seem to lead to the issue? Please describe: no

    6) Can you possibly create a screen capture of the issue and post it?

    7) Describe the question or issue that you have: The Live episode will not play in the apple podcast app. I closed it and restarted it numerous times.  The cache was also cleared.  The other saved episodes play just fine.  This occurs on wifi and cellular connection.  I also cannot listen to the live show by accessing the account on safari on the iphone.  The only way to resolve the issue is to delete DNR from the podcast app, grab the personal podcast URL, and add it back.  This is redic.  Please help fix this or I’m cancelling.

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