[Resolved] Chat room not working.

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      Jayson ‘Whaaaaaat is happening’ Salomon

      1) My device type (iPhone/iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, etc): Mac Book Pro

      2) My firmware version (if known):

      3) What web browser and version are you using: Chrome

      4) Was there a specific error displayed? Error loading chat room

      5) Did a series of steps seem to lead to the issue? Please describe:

      6) Can you possibly create a screen capture of the issue and post it? uyes see attached

      7) Describe the question or issue that you have: Chat room notloading

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      I’m sorry the chat room was down much longer than I anticipated. I had attempted an upgrade in the software, as suggested by the product author… but it didn’t work out well. I finally got it running correctly earlier today. Now the only thing left to “fix” in chat, is to make mobile users authenticate as desktop users do, so there will be no more “visitors” who are on mobile.

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