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      We strongly recommend the purchase of travel insurance.

      Travel Insurance can cover the cost of your cruise, air fare, hotel and other travel expenses in the event of a last minute cancellation or emergency. It can also cover you for medical expenses incurred when you are out of the country. Most health insurance policies don’t cover the kinds of emergency services that might be provided in a foreign country or on the ship itself. Even something as routine severe seasickness or a twisted ankle while ashore can be expensive.

      We recommend you first check with your credit card company to see what if any travel coverage your card already offers. You can also ask about supplemental coverage they may provide for an additional fee. It is worth shopping around. Cruise lines generally offer travel insurance which can cover the cost of the cruise and medical expenses, etc. and some people like the convenience of getting the cruise ship insurance. If you would like that option, just let us know at the time of booking for your cruise or before final payment is due.

      We also partner with a third party travel insurance provider which is a bit less expensive than cruise line insurance. But it is worth checking on all of your options and shopping around for the coverage/price that is right for you.

      You can get a quote from our 3rd party provider by filling out the box below:

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      On the Love Cruise, we bought NCL’s “Book Safe” travel protection, for $109 per person. Book Safe covers emergency trip cancellation as well as up to $10,000 in medical expenses relating to sickness obtained while on board:

      I ended up getting sick with a 103 fever or something like that, on the Love Cruise (no, it was not bad meat in the can)… initially Derek was running around finding me a thermometer. Mental note – bring one next trip. Anyway, I went to the medical bay hoping for a quick fix. The person laying in the bay next to me, shattered his leg on the water slide (second time he broke it). I walked out with a $1,400 bill for their treatment. He was evacuated for surgery at the next port. $$$

      When I got back home to NJ, I did more research on travel insurance… I found that many USA based medical insurance programs and sometimes Medicare may not pay for medical expenses on cruises that go to international waters.

      However I called my own NJ medical insurance company about my trip to the medical center on board the NCL Epic, and the $1,400 expense. Their Worldwide department ended up covering the expense, minus a $35 copay, because the diagnosis codes showed a medical emergency, and outside of NJ they only cover medical emergencies.

      You should investigate your local medical insurance coverage and deductibles before your next cruise, and possibly buy any necessary travel insurance which includes medical coverage. Medical evacuations can cost a fortune.

      If you DO have an emergency, ASK the medical center for the complete medical documentation including diagnostic codes and all receipts/bills. NCL did not offer this – I had to ask for it while I was still on the ship. Trying to get it after you are off the ship, would be a big headache due to privacy laws etc.

      Also, many cruise ship travel insurance will not cover your air fare if you did not book it through the cruise line. And travel insurance often does not cover pre-existing medical conditions. Good related articles:

      Why Cruise Line Trip Protection Really Is a Bad Choice

      Apparently this is a good place to compare and buy:

      (no, I’m not connected to!)

      I hope this helps some with planning!

      Yours Truly, Typhoid Mary

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