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      We don’t charge an extra fee to join a DNR Cruise. The price you pay is the current posted price on the cruise line website, although sometimes we do have a limited number of cabins at a lower fare than the cruise line offers.

      Cabin fares depend on the type of cabin (inside, ocean view, balcony, mini-suite with balcony, or suite) and where on the ship the cabin is located (cabins on higher floors and/or closer to elevators are slightly higher). Prices are listed as per person based on double occupancy and don’t include taxes and port charges.

      For instance, a cruise may offer cabins that start at $699 per person. A cabin like that would likely be an inside cabin on a lower floor, not near an elevator The base price would be $1398 for two passengers (or for one person if they are going as a solo traveler). Plus, an additional $159-$189 per person in taxes and port charges. So a cruise line offering a cabin “starting at $699 per person” will be approximately $1736 as the total cabin cost for two passengers.

      There are additional on-board expenses you may incur including mandatory gratuities (approximately $100/per passenger for the week) for your room steward and people who work in non-tip areas of the ship. Ordering cocktails and soda or dining in a premium restaurant may also incur additional charges or gratuities, although we frequently offer promotional packages where those fees may be reduced or waived.

      Additional on-board expenses might be incurred gambling in the casino, taking shore excursions (like snorkel adventures), gifts or other items purchased in on-board shops.

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