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      Just starting a thread to see who is going where the days before and the days after the cruise.  I heard that there are some groups or individuals thinking of Athens, Amsterdam, Paris (Disney) and a few other locations and I thought we could use this board as a way to coordinate those efforts.

      I am going to start threads for various locations and individuals can identify when they are planning to be in each and the groups can grow from there, identify hotels, plan outings etc.

      I am also starting a Barcelona Thread for any tips, recommendations, links etc. that we may come across (if you’ll pardon the expression) to share.


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      I was looking to go to Dachau near Munich. Not sure if before or after will be better though. I am working with the girls at the DNR Travel agency to work out details. I know it is kind of macabre but I want to check out that site.

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      I’m trying to plan that out now myself. I was going to explore Barcelona before the cruise then head up to Paris after the cruise, but now I’m leaning toward doing the opposite.

      Also, a slim chance of potentially starting in Amsterdam – travel by train to Barcelona, then to Portugal for a couple days after the cruise.

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      Robstr (Robby)

      Hey Stephine we were thinking of going to Paris before and Disney

      I just heard that might be a meet up before the cruise in Barcelona

      was a surprise to me ( first DNR) lol  am having Rebecca work up a quote

      would like to go with someone who has been to Paris before lol


      Robstr Ft Lauderdale



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