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      1) My device type (iPhone/iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, etc): iOS

      2) My firmware version (if known): 11.current

      3) What web browser and version are you using: moot

      4) Was there a specific error displayed? No

      5) Did a series of steps seem to lead to the issue? Please describe:na

      6) Can you possibly create a screen capture of the issue and post it? No

      7) Describe the question or issue that you have:

      since last Friday pocketcasts has not fetched any new episodes.   I’ve had to unsubscribe and resubscribe to get the lastest episodes to show in my feed.  I’m not sure what exactly is going on but if I refresh the feed it says there are no new episodes but if I resubscribe the latest episodes show up but then tomorrow the same thing happens.    Did the feed get fudged up?

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