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      We typically open our cruises for sale 12-15 months before sail date. Airlines do not open flight routes for sale until about 11 months before the travel date, so there may be a period of time between when you book your cruise and when other ancillary travel is available.

      We will usually make host hotel bookings available about 11 months before sail, so that air and hotel can be booked at the same time if needed. Host hotel space tends to fill early so we do recommend booking your host hotel space as early as possible. Air fare prices can fluctuate over time so for domestic travel, purchasing about six weeks before travel is usually optimal (especially on a Tuesday or Wednesday) but if you see a good deal earlier than that, feel free to book at any time. For our international sailings, we work with our travel partner to provide the best deals for international air, so we recommend contacting our DNR Travel specialists as early as possible to let them know what your air travel needs will be so they can work to get the best possible rate for you with our group block.

      For shore excursions, the cruise line offers shore excursions that you can book directly through their website once you have your confirmed reservation. Some shore excursions may not be available until about nine months before sailing. We also offer some recommended group excursions, generally at a lower price, through our travel partner Shore Trips.

      We also strongly recommend travel insurance. A cruise is a large expense and travel insurance helps protect against the issue of not just last minute cancellation but also of unexpected medical issues that might arise on your vacation. Most health insurers may not cover medical expenses incurred on a cruise ship or on vacation in a foreign country, so having travel insurance will help in that unlikely situation. Cruise lines have travel insurance you can purchase directly through them, or you can purchase travel insurance through our trusted travel insurance partner.

      For non-cruise travel and questions, contact DNR Travel at (855) 203-6528 or

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