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      Most cruise lines provide a list of items to pack. In general, you just need to bring whatever sundry items and weather-appropriate attire you would bring on any trip. Formal wear is not necessary on most cruises and DNR Cruise tends to avoid cruise lines that require fancier attire. However, most cruise lines like jeans or khakis in sit down restaurants with a collared shirt for men or women. No shorts, t-shirts or tank tops, although those are fine for most buffet and more casual dining areas of the ship. Even for tropical/summer cruises, a light jacket or sweatshirt may be advisable for nights on deck, especially when at sea where temperatures at night may be chillier than on or near land.

      Some cruises within North America do not require a passport, although we STRONGLY recommend it. For some cruises within the Caribbean, to Alaska, along New England and the Mexican Riviera, only require a Drivers License and a certified birth certificate with a raised, embossed seal.

      Passports are easy to get and can be arranged through a local post office. Information about how to get a passport, etc. is available on the State Department website. The State Department also includes travel tips for most foreign countries including any travel advisories you may need to be aware of. Most destinations do not require special visas or vaccinations, although before traveling outside the US, it is always a good idea to make sure your standard vaccinations are up to date.

      We have some special DNR Cruise exclusive costume parties and events that may require additional items to pack. Those will all be included in the packet that will be mailed to your house 60 days before sailing. Make sure if you move between when you book the cruise and when you sail that we have your updated mailing address.

      Visit the cruise line website for additional information specific to that cruise line or ship for additional items to pack for on-board experiences you may enjoy. Ships have on-board workout facilities so bringing gym attire might be useful or if you want to do a snorkel adventure with your own mask etc. you could bring that as well. Think about the kind of trip you want to have and pack accordingly.

      If you take any vital medication, be sure to bring at least a ten day supply for a seven day cruise in case you experience travel delays. Newer and larger cruise ships feature state of the art stabilizers and most people do not experience motion sickness. However, if you know that you do sometimes experience symptoms in cars or planes, it may be worthwhile to purchase seasickness bands and/or over the counter medication before your trip to have on hand, just in case. These items can sometimes be purchased on board, although at a premium price and may sell out in the course of the trip. Better to plan ahead.

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