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      We do a variety of group activities on and off the ship, in addition to the shows and other amenities the ship offers. Check out the videos we have created about the fun that happened on our first five cruises: DNR Beginnings video (covering cruises 1-3), Fall 2015 DNR Cruise video, and the Alaska 2016 DNR Cruise video.

      The DNR Cruise experience is great because you are spending the week with a group of people who share your sensibility, making it easier to find people to dine with or join on excursions. We have a robust itinerary of group activities all week long including karaoke, games and costume parties. It’s a week so action-packed you’ll need a vacation from your vacation!

      Ultimately, the DNR Cruise is what you make of it. You can do all of the events or none of them. Make the trip your own. Most people appreciate having the group around so they can connect with people to share meals or excursions with, although some people may spend the bulk of their vacation doing their own thing. Whatever you like, you can do it on the DNR Cruise. Hundreds of people have already joined us and more than 75% of people who do the DNR Cruise, book a second DNR Cruise or more!

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      My first DNR cruise, was the DNR Love Cruise earlier this year. I’ve been on maybe about 6 other non-DNR cruises.

      I think Derek and Romaine came up with a lot of fun activities and times together for everyone. They do a great job helping to make things fun.

      It was really fun to be part of a larger predominately LGBT group, which also included some straight but not narrow folks… but still have the ability to blend into the woodwork when I/we wanted to.

      The Love Cruise may have been extra special because of the large number of people in the group (over 300) which allowed DNR to book an entire club room on multiple occasions.

      My 2 cents!

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