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      Taking a cruise is very similar to staying in a floating hotel, although with most meals included. Your cabin fare includes your room, which features most of the amenities you would expect at a hotel (hair dryer, assorted toiletries, towels, etc.). Plus the ship offers many sit down or buffet dining options included in your fare as well as lots of free entertainment including stage shows and on-board activities.

      Unless otherwise noted, soda, cocktails, shore excursions, casino gambling, gift shop purchases, premium dining, WIFI and internet, special shows or other premium experiences, and gratuity charges will apply. Only your onboard gratuities for the week (typically about $100/person) are mandatory charges.

      Budget minded travelers won’t need to spend much in additional fees if they skip many of these optional extras. For instance, getting off the ship at port and walking around the local area is free, and most port stops are walkable distances from downtown areas or beaches. Or stay aboard ship and enjoy the pool when post people are ashore.

      The DNR Cruise frequently includes special promotions where drink packages, premium dining, even mandatory gratuities may be included in your cruise at no additional cost, which can make sailing with us an even better deal than many other LGBT themed cruises.

      We also provide exclusive DNR Cruise items as part of your cruise. Fun giveaway items and extra swag items are always part of the DNR experience. We do also offer additional DNR Cruise items (like custom t-shirts, etc.) for sale in the DNR Shop if you want some unique items for your trip.

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