How many subscribers does DNR 2.0 have, and have you kept most since starting 2.0?

We have thousands of subscribers, with an extremely low churn rate. Very few people cancel.

There were a handful of people that got frustrated early on with tech issues, and especially in the first month before we had the easy downloads/streaming through the Podcast Apps.

Since our show has been available via Podcast Apps, during our first summer, we have been pretty error free around here and while it still takes convincing for people to try adding the show to the Podcast Apps, once they finally do, they love it.

The biggest reason people cancel is when they lose a job, but we do have gift subscriptions listeners have bought specifically for us to give to people who want to listen but can’t afford it, because we never want the money to be the barrier for people enjoying the show.

Obviously we need the money to stay in business, but there are ways to make it work if we all work together.

We did have three or four Trump supporters who weren’t happy and a couple did actually cancel after the election but I know of at least two that have come back into the fold since then! So no permanent damage there.

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