How can I hear DNR on Alexa?

We are working with our streaming company “StreamGuys” on building an Alexa skill that will allow you to hear our daily live shows – but this is not yet available and there is no ETA.

However a skill is currently available that will allow you to hear our live Special Programming shows including the Adam Sank Show (#ASS) and The Focus Group. In addition, you can hear special Derek and Romaine show favorites.

First, get our existing DNR Skill on Amazon

Once you’ve enabled the skill, say “Alexa, open DNR”, then follow the prompts from there.

You can also say “Alexa, tell DNR…”

  • “To listen live.”
  • “To play Derek and Romaine.”
  • “To hear the Adam Sank Show.”
  • “To hear the Focus Group”

For instructions on interacting with this skill, say “help.”

2 Responses to How can I hear DNR on Alexa?

  1. jojosfo November 28, 2018 at 7:41 pm #

    Any update on getting the live show (or archives for timeshifters) onto Alexa? Are they still working on it? Or is it not coming now? Thanks!

    • DNRShow November 29, 2018 at 6:08 pm #

      We will try to make it happen but the issue is with authentication since we are a pay subscription service and right now it isn’t technically feasible but we will work on it as we keep growing.

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