How do I use my smartphone to download and listen to the show?

For iPhone users, your phone already has the Podcasts app loaded on your phone and you can listen to the show there by following the instructions below. For Android users, you can download a free app like Podcast Addict. Most people can add the show to one of these podcast apps with a single click by following these instructions. Once you do, you will be able to listen to the live stream of the show (available 24/7 on a loop) and also the last 30 days worth of downloads from the archive. Additional older shows are available for download through our website only.

Here’s how you add the show to your favorite podcast app:

  1. Visit the website at, ON YOUR SMARTPHONE.
  2. Click on the Account link from the Main Menu and scroll down to the Member Links section on your Account page. You will see a link that says Private URL for Podcast Apps at the bottom. Simply click on that and the show will be added to the Podcasts app on your iPhone or Podcast Addict on Android.
  3. Open your podcast app and you should see the Derek and Romaine show listed as one of the shows available there. Click on the show in your podcast app and you will see the most recent shows ready to download and listen.
  4. To listen to the live show, look for the show labeled DNR Live Streaming Show. For Android, it may be at the top of the list of Derek and Romaine episodes in the Podcast Addict app. For iPhone users, open the show in the Podcasts app, then scroll to the bottom of My Episodes then click the link that says Available Episodes. You should see the DNR Live Streaming Show there at the top.
  5. If your vehicle has a newer car stereo that allows connections with your smartphone, you should be able to stream the live show or play any downloaded show in your app through your existing car stereo.


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