How to get into Chat using Chrome (if you see a blank page)


These instructions were written based on Chrome Version 71. The steps should be similar for most versions, although they may not be exactly the same.

The current DNR Video Chat, requires a more current version of Adobe Flash, to be run on your computer/browser. The technical reasons for this need are – basically our new chat is using a newer video encoder known as “h.264” which makes our video streams more efficient, and a newer audio codec known as “speex” which also makes audio more efficient.

To get around these issues, follow these steps:

First, clear your browser’s Cache and Cookies:

Make sure you are clearing “For All Time” on both the Basic tab:

And the Advanced Tab:

Next, go to Make sure you have the latest Flash installed. If not, download Flash. You must then close Chrome and install Flash separately (check your Downloads folder).

After installing the latest Flash, open Chrome again and go back to the Chat window you were on, either on or and re-open the desktop chat pop-up.

Next, click the “Lock” symbol on the top left

This will open the settings menu

Next, click the drop-down to the following options, especially “Flash” and make sure they are set to “Allow”:

If prompted, click “Reload” to reload the page:

After all of the above, you should be able to view the Chat pop-up window.


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