How to get into Chat using Safari (if you see a blank page)

The updated DNR Video Chat, uses a newer video encoder known as “h.264” which makes our video streams more efficient, and a newer audio codec known as “speex” which also makes audio more efficient. However these standards require more current versions of Adobe Flash.

By default, Adobe Flash typically is not installed in Safari, or it is not enabled. It may not even be the current version.

The symptom of the above, is you may just see a blank white screen when trying to enter DNR Video chat, such as below:


To get around these issues, follow these steps:

First, clear your Safari browser’s cache/cookies.

Then open Safari and go to Make sure you have the latest Flash installed. If not, download Flash. You must then close Safari and install Flash separately (check your Downloads folder).

After installing the latest Flash, open Safari again.

Then go to

Next, open Safari “Preferences”, then go to the “Security” tab. See below.


Make sure you UNCHECK “Block pop-up windows” (you need that for Video chat).

Next, click “Plug-in Settings”

Then on the Plug-ins screen, make sure you have “Adobe Flash Player” installed and enabled (see top left).

On the right side of that screen, make sure that Adobe Flash Player is allowed (“On”) for See below.


After making these changes, close Safari and re-open. Then go back to and you should be able to get in.

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