What is this SHMOO catchphrase I keep hearing about?

During the DNR Live show on June 6 2017, titled “Rainy Romaine And The Sad Sea World Dance Party”

Romaine was describing her “family full of dummies” to Derek [timecode 38:30]. Eventually she gets to a story about a private party at SeaWorld that she attended with her brother John and sister Sabina [timecode 50:50]. Romaine reminisces angrily about a small group of 20 at the party who were surrounding a boom box, when a lame dance party with them broke out, in the rain. She goes on to describe how John decided to rip her poncho off her body which made her so damn angry. Finally [timecode 54:40] Romaine comments about how she was in a dark place after DNR lost their jobs, and she just wanted to have a good time at SeaWorld but her siblings made sure that didn’t happen. Romaine comments “they wouldn’t even let me go see Shmoo, or Shamu or whatever the fuck that whale’s name is.”

And therein lies the origins of the new catchphrase: #Shmoo
Sometimes incorrectly spelled: Schmoo

Download the episode from our Archives here: DNR-Live 06.28.17

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