What are “The Rules”??

  1. Please Don’t Stalk OR Clone Us (in person or by proxy)
  2. We do the drinking…You do the driving.
  3. Turn your radio down. (we don’t want to hear our own voice)
  4. DON’T ask us how we are doing, what’s up or what’s going on…!!!!
  5. We are not for everyone. We are for YOU!
  6. Send Romaine Presents (especially on her birthday Mar. 31). Don’t send Derek Presents (Oct. 28).
  8. PLEASE Don’t Sue Us…
  9. NO SPOILERS! (don’t update us on TV stuff — we HAVE TiVo!)
  10. Don’t expect us to remember… ANYONE or ANYTHING at ANYTIME!
  11. bok, bok, bok, bok…
  12. If you ask or beg for something, the answer is F#@K NO!
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