Why does my DNR LIVE STREAMING SHOW disappear from my list of Episodes?

Depending on your exact smartphone brand (Android, iPhone, etc) – and the version and configuration of your Podcast App – your Podcast App may be configured to delete shows from your list of Episodes, that you have listened to. Thus if you play the DNR LIVE STREAMING SHOW to the end, it may disappear from your list of Episodes. Regardless, you should still be able to find it by listing all Available Episodes.

For the iOS 11 Podcast App, find the DNR LIVE STREAMING SHOW, and click the three dots (…) next to the Episode. The next screen should have a “Settings” menu option; click it. Then under Episodes, click “Custom Settings”. Next to “Delete Played Episodes”, make sure that is turned OFF.

Android’s Podcast Addict has similar settings to NOT do an auto cleanup where it deletes the episode once you finish listening.

Just note that after making these changes, you will have to manually delete the other played Episodes when you are done listening to them, or they may take up room in your Podcast App.

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