Winter Break Show Schedule

Hey Bitches! It’s the Holidays so we’re gone for 2 weeks, But we’re leaving you some new holiday shows and a bunch of fan favorite shows. We’ve hand-picked the best shows from every month through the year of 2017 to showcase what DNR have been up to!! Catch them streaming or go to their original air date to download. However our new shows will be available in the archive and on your favorite podcast apps as they air!

Fan Favorites:


01.17.17 – Manning The Battle Stations

Derek is bitchy, looking ahead to the future of the LGBT community, Chelsea Manning released, Barnum and Bailey shut down, Derek’s mom calls in, and Brian J. Moylan drops by.


02.27.17 – The MILF Turned Sour

Romaine is sick, Adam Sank party foul, Derek’s neighbor knows a listener, Romaine’s neighbor selling a house, Trader Joes applesauce recall, Bob Harper recovers from a heart attack, Jackie Warner gets arrested, and in studio guest Alana Luv.


03.16.17 – When You Carey Enough To Send The Very Breast

DNR matchmaking, not looking forward to St. Patrick’s Day, Romaine doesn’t want to work, gays take over the Property Brothers, celebrities like to have a secret life, PornHub plows Boston for free, guest Hugh Hunter drops by to talk porn musical theater and Mariah Carey, the Pattersons may be getting a ranch dressing fountain, and WTF Florida man is arrested for butt injections.


04.19.17 – Pussy Diarrhea

Critter Chat, Starbucks unicorn frappuccinos, Spring Break for the Pattersons, there might be other life in our universe, Californians review pot like wine, and in studio guests Tim Bennett and John Nash from Focus Group Radio


05.02.17 – Well, That Ain’t Great

DNR live from the new Studio A, phones have cool new functionality, started planning for 15th anniversary next year, listeners take Manhattan, Romaine discovers Katie and Orlando are not butch, Jayson and Dan host a messy listener party, Derek’s party is dignified chaos, a bad date returns, Drag Race snatch game, Stanton selling organs, and listeners Vee and Cherie drop by the stiudio.


06.28.17 – Rainy Romaine And The Sad Sea World Dance Party

The origin of #Shmoo. Romaine melt down, Romie wants to live like a millionaire, Romaine’s lesbian knee, girl rescued from sky buckes, former co-workers get married, Romie singing her heart out, Ernesto Trump, Pattersons gather without Romaine, WTF Florida: bikini contest ends in violence, gay chicken gets high, Jackie Warner cops a plea, listener Brent flatlines, Billionaire’s Row has $50 million foreclosure, Bally’s Las Vegas falling apart, TMZ, Trump vacations, Milkshake Duck and truth telling.


07.21.17 – Hobby Lobby Is A Dirty Michaels

WTF Florida: teens taunt dying man, frozen meat falls from the sky, man shoots phone company truck, Romaine doesn’t know what day it is, Hobby Lobby fake news drama, tacky home interiors, Derek and Romaine have dinner, potato flakes, Iris tries to put Romaine to work, a lost letter leads to a dirty diaper, Dennis Hof wants to hire a recent ex-con, P-town sex shop boner drug, listener Nate hangs out in studio, Romaine’s pussy needs attention, Hollywood Reporter gets shady, and Last Call is off the hook.


08.29.17 – Justin Bieber And His Twisted Nut

Justin Bieber is injured, Derek has a long dramatic walk home, Lux Suicide and Josh Accardo deal with disturbing direct messages, dick pics and comedy, Derek dreams of a listener, Shooter is a feminist show, Romaine finalizes weekend plans, Brian J. Moylan has been traveling, Drag Race, Big Brother, Game of Thrones, and Joel Osteen is a terrible person.


09.15.17 – Down The Toilet

Listeners in studio avoiding pickpockets, listener Chris has a personal fat berg story, Survivor Sucks Dan needs shingles, Romaine thinks about PJs, Derek spots and interesting t-shirt, CraigsList ad for hurricane companion, Gael reveals a number, a kid mows the White House lawn, Romaine has a clean house, Rapunzel syndrome is sad, Xmas may be in New Jersey, baby shmoo, Josh Duhamel and Fergie break up, Rosie’s ex Michelle Rounds dies, your sex robot may kill you, the Amish move into the 21t century, Romaine tries to pick better friends, and Last Call.


10.20.17 – Uranus Was Beautiful Last Night

Derek deals with panic, Taylor Swift delivers shade, time shifting about Popeyes, Derek deals with standby, Romaine is a mess, TyJack defends himself, Romaine does self care, Derek prevents a cult, catfish happy ending, stupid porn model, Uranus was beautiful last night, Montana makes a bad dirty martini, cheap lesbian Brad has some cooking tips, Critter Chat, Cleveland State University has anti-gay posters, Big Mouth on Netflix upsets Christian parents, leaving the house can make you happier, Playboy has a transgender playmate, and Last Call.


11.15.17 – No Nut November

Blake Shelton Sexiest Man Alive, Romaine refuses to cross free throw line, new Starbucks, Derek has a baby meal, No Nut November, sex at someone else’s house, Katie buys a mattress, guest Justin Loeber talks about his new book, Diana Ross loses a fanny pack at Marshall’s, Australia is getting marriage equality, Season of Giving, and Meghan Markle is likely leaving Suits.


12.04.17 – Lettuce Rejoin

DNR celebrates the holidays, listeners love recipes, Bryan Singer in trouble, Time Magazine has short list for Man of the Year, Romaine argues shopping carts, New Jersey holiday potluck, Iris strips down, Studio A welcomes Hedda Lettuce and pianist Rachel Kaufman, Mexico, outrageous TV movies, return of the green tip, shmoo Christmas, and Romaine doesn’t have her act together.

New Shows:

12.23.17 DNR Presents: The Intern Show Ep 6
12.23.17 DNR Presents: The Focus Group Ep 27
12.24.17 ASS 2017 Holiday Special (reairing 12-31-17)

12.25.17 DNR 2017 Holiday Special
12.30.17 DNR Presents: The Focus Group Ep 28
01.01.17 DNR 2017 Year End Review!

We hope you all have a Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, Merry Yuletide, whatever you celebrate, our best wishes to you and yours this holiday season!

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