10.31.19 -Bradley Pooper

DNR are celebrating Friday without you, DNR head to Hawaii, Critter Chat Indiana woman strangled by her pet, Romie has a late night, Derek is doing a double trip, Lady Gaga is hotel dress drama, SVU celebrates a big milestone, Impossible Whopper is a mega hit, more mayo, Elfster update, Derek wants a DNR meme, Beau has a Closure movie announcement, Jonathan talks cat meme, Jeff in Palm Springs talks Closure and Palm Springs listener meet-up, Princess Anne of Boston has a royal watch update, Cain in SF talks mayo versus butter, random shouting at Romaine, Larry in Pasadena talks pet costumes, Josh in SF might be high, Kiley talks about coming out, Happy Jack talks Season of Giving and WokeAF, Nathan in St Louis has a dad joke for us, Tom Terrific talks Meghan and Harry, celebrity Halloween costumes, Suzanne Somers stays young for elder sex, a horrifying UK apartment, Twitter bans political ads, Kamala restructures, Dolly Parton has Faith and DNR are relieved they aren’t out for Halloween.

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