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Derek and Romaine 2.0 is here! And you can listen to us RIGHT THIS SECOND! Just follow these easy steps!

  1. SUBSCRIBE. Visit the dating buzzfeed and choose a plan: monthly ($6.95) or quarterly ($20).
  2. LISTEN ONLINE. To listen through your computer at home or at work, visit the DNR Live page to stream the show 24/7 and chat with listeners like you in the DNR Live Chat Rooms (the link to chat is just below the player on the DNR Live page and includes mobile chat for your smart phone). The show is live from 5-7pm ET but you can stream it and chat live anytime 24/7 in DNR Live. To catch up on past episodes, download episodes from our extensive Audio Archives featuring more than 2000+ hours of shows. All included! To catch up quickly, look for those marked Fan Favorite, selected by listeners just like you as their favorites.
  3. LISTEN ON YOUR IPHONE. Adding the show to iTunes and your iPhone is so easy! After you subscribe, click ACCOUNT above and at the bottom of that page you’ll see a link marked PRIVATE URL FOR PODCAST APPS. Just click the link and the show will be added automatically to your iTunes in the Podcast area and to the Podcasts app already loaded on your iPhone. You can listen to both downloaded shows from the archive and stream the show 24/7 in the Podcasts app Feed.
  4. LISTEN ON OTHER SMARTPHONES To hear DNR in the car, on an airplane or anywhere, add DNR 2.0 to the Podcasts app already loaded in your iPhone or download Podcast Addict or other podcast app for Android. To add the show to one of these smartphone apps, visit your account page and cut and paste your custom subscriber URL (located at the bottom of the membership page under Member Links) into the app or iTunes. This will enable not just downloads from the Audio Archive but the ability to stream the live show through your favorite podcast app as well. Once you add us to your smartphone app, you can stream the live show or downloads right into your existing car stereo through your smart phone. Most current radios either have Bluetooth connectivity or an AUX input port. Simply connect to your vehicle and hit play on your phone. Already 70% of our live show listeners are listening through their phone. You could be next!
  5. TELL YOUR FRIENDS. You’ll make new friends in the live chat room or you can search the site for friends you already know. Our site is a mini social network so create a profile, upload a profile photo and add friends. Plus let your friends know Derek and Romaine are back and better than ever! We are growing every day thanks to subscribers like you!
  6. NEED HELP?: We know our new show will mean new tech challenges for some people, so we are happy to provide all the technical support you need to get started empfohlene seite. We have smart tips to make your subscription betterĀ but if you need more help, just write to us and we will do what we can to make everything as easy as possible for you.



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