6.01.20 – Retail Therapy

NR work the plan, Romaine moves a boulder, Zappos offers retail therapy, Kathryn in AZ has a WTF Florida family drama, George in SF talks Romaine’s storage, What Is Happening Jayson talks curfews, Biden VP picks, Jeremy in WeHo talks protests, internet full of conspiracies, Tony in Vegas talks ponds and Europe, Darren has a call fail, Jonathan in LA talks protests and Drag Race, Darren in NJ talks Black Lives Matter, Derek talks Drag Race, Hooker Hotline, Monotone Marc offers clarity on his streaming, a Frank Decaro flashback, Marc in MN checks in from Florida, Jim in Palm Springs talks genetic detective, Romaine has TV drama, Team Steven and Jeff in PS talk TVs, Drag Race spoiler, Darren in NJ double dips on TVs, Chris in MA talks TV, Robert mansplains on House Hunters, Critter Chat talks Central Park rabbit chipmunks and Dehli monkeys, woman bitten by python, Tippi Hedren still has many big cats, and RIP to Christo.

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