Tips for enjoying DNR

Derek and Romaine are back and better than ever! Live weekdays for two hours with phone calls and the guests you love plus hundreds of hours of recorded entertainment waiting in the Audio Archive. It’s great fun at a great price. And we want you to get the most out of your subscription, so here are some tips to help you enjoy the show! Not yet a subscriber? Click here to sign up!

Use Private URL to add show to iTunes or your favorite podcast app

Once you subscribe to the show, go to on the mobile browser on your smart phone and click Account in the site navigation. When you scroll down on the Account page, you’ll see a link that says Private URL for Podcast Apps. This is your personal code to add to your favorite Podcast App that comes free with your subscription. If you have iTunes and/or an iPhone, just click the link. You will see a prompt to add the show to iTunes. Just click yes and you’re done. When your iPhone syncs with your iTunes, the show will be automatically added to the Podcasts app already loaded on your phone and iPad. For Android users, just right click the link to copy and paste the Private URL into your favorite podcast app, like Podcast Addict. Downloads and the live show will be available to listen to anytime, anywhere right next to the other podcasts you like to listen to!

Listen Faster Through Your Podcast App

The Podcasts app on your iPhone and other podcast apps allow you to listen to the show at different speeds. Want to hear all two hours but in less time? On the Podcasts app when you are playing an episode, you will see in the controls for managing the episode (where you see the play button, fast forward, rewind and how much of the episode has played, etc) on the left side there is a 1X. Click the 1X to listen at 1.5X, 2X or .5X. Our listeners who speed through the show prefer 1.5X. The show you love in less time. But make it extra fast or super slow for hilarious fun.

Catch up with Fan Favorite shows

Type Fan Favorite into the search box on our website and you’ll see the shows listeners like you love best. If you are a new or recent subscriber, this is a great way to catch up on some past shows people like you really enjoyed. Just click on the show that looks fun and download to listen.

Download Before You Travel

Derek and Romaine make great companions on the road. Not just on a DNR Cruise but for all your long trips. Flying somewhere, have a long car trip planned? Download episodes of the show before you go so you always have hours of great entertainment ready to go.

Use Bluetooth To Listen In The Car

Most modern car stereos allow you to stream audio from your smart phone to your car radio. No connecting wires necessary. Sync your smart phone with your car stereo by bluetooth and then play downloaded or live streamed episodes of DNR through your favorite smart phone podcast app. Click here for tech advice for connecting your smart phone to your car stereo.

Chat with listeners in the chat room

Have some free time during the live show? Hang out in the DNR Live Chat Room with listeners like you. Just click DNR Live on our website and scroll down. You’ll see a link there for a our live chat room. It is a pop up, so make sure your browser allows pop ups from our website. Many users are on webcam so you can chat along and see other listeners at the sam time. There is even a mobile version of our live chat that you can visit on your smart phone through your mobile browser (mobile chat doesn’t include webcam functionality).

Local Listener Events

Don’t know many DNR listeners in your area? Try meeting some! Our listeners are creating listener events all across the country. Make new friends in a town near you over dinner or drinks. It’s a great way to meet new people and find other people who share your interests and perspectives. Don’t see an upcoming event in your area? Write to derek at to create one.

Sign Up for Flash Alerts

We have a lot of moving parts here and even though most of the time everything works smoothly, sometimes we do have tech issues. Want to know if the latest download will be delayed or if the hosts are out sick and there won’t be a live show that day? Sign up for Flash Alerts. Visit the homepage of our website and look to the right. You’ll see a newsletter sign-up box. Check the updates you want (monthly newsletter, dnr cruise and travel, or flash alerts), enter your email address and press enter. If there’s ever a problem with a show, we will let you know!

Have questions? Need Help?

Try our dynamic message boards. You can search for answers to questions, or post your own question and get answers from the DNR team or listeners like you!